Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537: Male Companion Needed

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A female artiste named Ye Zixuan was a beauty no less attractive than Ning Xi. She had been called a vase as much as she had been called a goddess, and many people liked to compare Ning Xi and Ye Zixuan.

Because Ye Zixuan had been famous for a long time, she had many fans. Her supporters started to berate Ning Xi by saying that she overestimated her capabilities. Of course, there were also many who said that Ning Xi was the new generation surpassing the previous one.

Even though the two had never interacted directly, because they were constantly being compared to each other, their relationship was indeed slightly awkward.

This time, the organizers had intentionally put the two of them together, probably to create something amusing. After all, there were so many people who wanted to see the two of them in the same frame.

Ling Zhizhi obviously knew what the organizers were up to. Initially, she wanted to reject it because there would be no damage done if there was no comparison. As long as one of their images dropped to a lower level, people would grab the opportunity to slam them.

However, after Ling Zhizhi saw Ning Xi's red carpet look, she forgot all about it.

Forget it...

Ning Xi had no opinions about it. At last, it was actually Ye Zixuan's end that had a problem. The moment before they were about to walk on the red carpet, they declined to enter with Ning Xi.

"What?! How can they do that? If you were willing, then say it earlier! You're just about to reach the entrance when you say you don't want to enter with our Bro Xi! What a fraud!" Xiao Tao was really annoyed.

Under usual circumstances, because there was a limited amount of time, everyone would make an entrance at the red carpet with the relevant people according to their shortlisted films. It would usually be a male and a female, old and young, or a group combination. Ning Xi and Ye Zixuan were considered a type of combination. Unless there was a special situation, only award-winning actors and actresses with higher status would enter solo.

Still, the people from Chen Mian and Guo Qisheng's side had already gone in. Ning Xi was about to walk the red carpet alone, putting her in a rather awkward situation.

Right at that moment, a black car had stopped up front, and Ning Xueluo and Su Yan got down from the car.

Su Yan led Ning Xueluo by her hand like a gentleman as the two of them walked ahead.

As one of Starlight Entertainment's largest shareholders and Ning Xueluo's husband, it was extremely normal for Su Yan to hold her hand and walk the red carpet.

In that instant, the flashes started to go off. There were never-ending shrieks from fans on both sides of the red carpet.

Not only was there a problem with Ye Zixuan, unexpectedly the person who walked right before Ning Xi was Ning Xueluo. Now, it was even more awkward...

Ling Zhizhi swiftly made a call. "Jiang Muye, are you arriving soon? Ning Xi needs a male companion at the last minute! Can you rush over?"

Jiang Muye was about to walk in alone this time. Initially, Lei Ming had arranged a female companion for him, but he had refused no matter what. He was used to doing things his own way anyway and did not care about other people's opinions of him.

"What happened? Isn't Ning Xiao Xi walking with Ye Zixuan?" From behind them came Jiang Muye's voice. He was still holding onto to the phone he spoke into.

Ling Zhizhi let out a huge sigh of relief at the sight of him, then she hung up. Thankfully, she managed to get someone to help.

Jiang Muye was talking when he caught a glimpse of Ning Xi in the car from the corner of his eye. It was only a vague peek of her side profile, but he was instantly stunned. "No wonder..."

He suddenly understood very well why Ye Zixuan had turned back on her words at the last minute. She had probably secretly found out about Ning Xi's look for the night!

This brat! Today she had really been possessed by a witch. Which woman would be willing to walk in with her?! They probably had brain damage!
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