Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542: His Pride
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There was a huge round of applause!

The cameras screened through the five nominated candidates, who were then displayed live in the same frame on the big screen, showing everyone's expression.

Ning Xi was right in the middle.

She clapped along with the crowd as she appeared very nervous. Of course, the other candidates looked just as anxious as well.

Ning Xueluo sat back in her seat and watched Ning Xi's nervous expression on the big screen. She was sneering at her deep inside. It was just an award for the Best Female Secondary Lead, and was nothing worthy to be nervous of.

On the big screen, they started playing short snippets of the nominated films as introductions were heard. "Wu Yan in 'I Have A Secret', Liu Jingjing in 'Tenant', Qin Cailin in 'Cafe No.8'... Ning Xi in 'The World'"

The last one showed a video of Ning Xi acting as Meng Changge in "The World". The organizers had taken the most iconic part of the movie. Ning Xi was holding onto the dead Sun Huanqing as she stared blankly at the Chang An palace, blood leaking out from the corner of her mouth. In that one glance, she had transformed herself from a general into an enchantress.

The crowd could feel the huge impact through the screen. Ning Xi's performance packed a lot of punch!

Amateurs and anti-fans loved to criticize that Ning Xi only had looks, but the professionals were really impressed by the girl's acting. It seemed like another miracle had been born into the industry.

"Dear friends, now I'm going to reveal it. The 53rd Golden Film Awards Best Female Secondary Lead goes to"

Accompanying the host's voice, the camera swiftly went through the five nominees. Finally, the five of them were all shown together in the same frame.

Because the five candidates were shown next to each other, the camera did not capture Jiang Muye who was beside Ning Xi.

That guy looked down at Ning Xi's clasped fingers as he mumbled, "Why are you so nervous?"

Ning Xi wanted to glare at him, but the camera was aiming at her at that moment, so she had to keep up her image.

"The 53rd Golden Film Awards Best Female Secondary Lead winner goes to... Ning Xi!"

As the host finished her sentence, everyone swiveled to Ning Xi's direction and clapped thunderously.

"I told you that you don't have to be so nervous. Be more confident. You're someone who's going to grab all the awards in the future!" As Jiang Muye was still mumbling, Ning Xi hugged him tightly.

Before Jiang Muye could react, Ning Xi had already let go of him and was hugging Guo Qisheng and some other crew members.

"Ning Xi was nominated as the Best Female Secondary Lead for her role in 'The World'. She acted as Meng Changge and performed multiple layers of characters"

As the host was explaining why she deserved the award, Ning Xi was being congratulated by friends around. She prepared herself to go up on stage.

Jiang Muye looked at the girl on stage with a hollow feeling in his chest, but he felt quite proud. She was his partner in the movie! He had played a part in her winning this award!

The host stood aside and handed the stage over to Ning Xi.

Lu Tingxiao sat in the first row at the moment. Although he was pretty far away from Ning Xi and they almost missed each other earlier, as Ning Xi stood on stage now, they were really close to each other.

The man kept on clapping, his eyes locked on her. He looked so proud. Even if it was just an award for Best Female Secondary Lead, he felt like she had done something extremely incredible.
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