Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543: Thank You To My Boss
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Ning Xi took a deep breath as she stood in front of the microphone and started to give her speech. "'The World' is the first ever movie I've ever acted in. It has a very special meaning to me, so here today, I'd like to thank the Golden Film Awards. I want to thank the judging panel for giving me this affirmation. I want to thank my director, Mr. Guo Qisheng, for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to my partner, Jiang Muye"

Ning Xi had very few people to thank for this movie. She had been framed by Ning Xueluo, chased out of her company, and was even isolated without any help. It had been one of her most difficult times

Jiang Muye looked so overjoyed when he heard his name. That girl still had gratitude for him after all! He had actually broken his cardinal rule and acted in a non-leading role. He had made such a huge sacrifice to act as Sun Huanqing! Although, at that time, the rumor had almost gotten him killed by her

"In the end, I'd like to thank" Ning Xi paused as she looked at the middle of the first row. "Thank you to my boss, Mr. Lu. Without him, I wouldn't be here today. Thank you for the trust you put in me"

The camera focused on Lu Jingli. Everyone knew that Ning Xi had been handpicked by Lu Jingli and it had been hot news at that time.

The smiling Lu Jingli understood perfectly... That damned Xiao Xi Xi's gratitude was not directed towards him, but his brother instead!

"Acting is my dream. It was also a form of responsibility towards the people who trust and love me. I'll do my best for the people who understand me!" Ning Xi ended her speech.

The crowd gave her a big round of applause. Her speech provided many people with a positive impression, proving that not only was her acting solid but that she also had a high emotional quotient too.

Ning Xueluo kept her smile on as she clapped along with the crowd. She looked at Ning Xi who stood out at the moment.

Damn it

She had actually won the Best Female Secondary Lead!

After receiving the Best Female Secondary Lead award, she would still get jobs anyway even if she performed worse later on. Most importantly, winning this award was a strong counter towards the people who criticized her for only having pretty looks.

Ning Xueluo took a deep breath and swallowed her displeasure.

It was just an award for Best Female Secondary Lead. Oh, right, she would always just be a secondary character -- forever and ever a secondary character!

Only she would become the eternal main character

The ceremony continued.

Moving on, "The World" received the Best Action Design award. The other award winners were announced as well. Everyone reacted warmly to the most nominated "Mountain" receiving the Best Original Screenplay award. Apparently, most people thought that it deserved this award.

With such a stellar screenplay, it might even be possible to land a spot in one of the four international movie festivals. Qi Feng had come here with that ambitious goal.

As for "Dream Chaser", it was a small production after all, and it was not an original story. They did not have enough budget to hire top quality staff, so of course, they would miss out with awards that required a large budget such as "Best Film", "Best Visual Effects", and "Best Art Design". They were only nominated for "Best Director" and "Best Female Lead".

The Best Male Lead award was won by an experienced actor who had been nominated six times. Then, finally, they came to the second last award, which was also one of the most important awards, the Best Director award.
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