Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546: This Is The Best Female Lead Award
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A person in the industry, who sat beside Guo Qisheng, mumbled, "The film industry's getting worse and worse every year. Out of so many actresses, they picked Luo Qi. It's so obvious that they are using her to just fill up the spot, but Xu Jiaojiao's film is quite interesting

"As for 'The World', although Ning Xueluo performed really well, with Ning Xi as Meng Changge in it she might not stand out much

"If we're only looking at 'Dream Chaser' and 'Mountain', Ning Xueluo really gave it her all and threw away her pride this time around, and it was obvious that 'Mountain' suits the judging panel's taste more? What do you think, Guo?"

Guo Qisheng smiled. "It doesn't matter what I think. The point is what the judges think!"

The person sulked, "Not only did you avoid the question from the hostess, you're not even being truthful with me now?"

Guo Qisheng looked at the person helplessly and just replied, "This is the Best Female Lead award."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Before the person managed to understand what he meant, on the stage, the two guests were ready to announce the winner.

Jiang Xingzhou and Song Lin tried to let each other announce the winner. In the end, Song Lin passed the envelope to Jiang Xingzhou to let him do the job.

Jiang Xingzhou then opened the envelope and spoke into the microphone slowly, "Then, let me announce the winner"

With the sound of drums rolling in the background, suspense filled everyone's hearts. The camera scanned through all the guests, Guo Qisheng, Qi Feng, Chen Mian, Su Yan, Lu Jingli, Lu Tingxiao

In the end, the faces of the four nominated candidates were showed on the screen.

Everyone was nervous while waiting for the final results. Aside from the nominated candidates and the guests, there was also the audience in front of their televisions at home.

Gong Shangze, Qiao Weilan, Han Momo, the Zhuang family, Ning Tianxin, Annie, Tang Nuo... All of them were watching the live stream closely.

"The Best Female Lead of the 53rd Golden Film Awards goes to... Ning"

When they heard the word "Ning", Luo Qi, and Xu Jiaojiao obviously looked a little down. In comparison, Ning Xueluo's eyes brightened. Her manager and some staff were not able to suppress their emotions. Some were even about to hug her and congratulate her

"Ning Xi!"

The next moment that Jiang Xingzhou's voice echoed throughout the whole hall, the name lingered in everyone's ears. It was Ning Xi!

After about a second of silence, the crew of "Dream Chaser" screamed in excitement. Ji Yumeng hopped onto Ning Xi from the back. "Bro Xi! Congratulations!"

Only then did Ning Xi come back to her senses. She hugged everyone who congratulated her.

The crowd stood up and cheered.

"Ning Xi showed us her exquisite acting technique through playing the double roles of Ji Feixue and Ji Feibai. She acted as both genders and illustrated the colorful inner world of the characters... Let's welcome our Best Female Lead of the year!" The host invited her on stage warmly.

Maybe it was on purpose but the camera was aimed at Ning Xueluo. She almost did not manage to hide her upset face in time but she clapped the moment she saw her face was on the big screen. She acted to be applauding generously, but she still looked a little reluctant.
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