Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553: Irrefutable Evidence
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Ning Xueluo had never met such a shameless person. She was so frightened that she quickly backed away. "No! I didn't even touch her!"

The old lady was still lively earlier, but now she lay sprawled on the ground wailing like she was dying. "She just wants to hound our family to death. That way, no one will know all her scandals! What sin has our Tang family committed to have borne such a vicious woman?"

Ning Xueluo was so angry that she was about to pass out. "No, no, it's not like that! Don't believe her! I don't even know what she's talking about. I don't even know her either!"

"Once you as a wild fowl turned into a phoenix, you never even came back once. Of course, you don't recognize me, but even I, this old woman, have never seen you once. I can recognize you. You're from the Tang family!" There was a glorious flash in the old woman's eyes and her tone was incredibly certain.

Chang Li finally reacted at this moment. She rushed over, shouting, "Security! Where's security?! How do you work around here? How could you simply let people like her just come in?!"

When Chang Li said this, her gaze turned straight to stare at Ning Xi's direction. "Ning Xi! Don't go overboard! Do you think that you can just twist the truth by hiring some old lady of unknown origins here? You still haven't repented until now. You're just shameless!"

Chang Li had always thought that Ning Xueluo was the true lady of the Ning family and that Ning Xi was the foster daughter, thus she was sure that Ning Xi was intentionally playing tricks right then.

When the crowd heard this, they all suddenly realized what was up and looked towards Ning Xi.

"Right, how could it be such a coincidence? The news about Ning Xi being the foster daughter has just been exposed, then suddenly an old lady from the village pops up to say that she's Ning Xueluo's real grandmother and that Ning Xueluo was brought home wrongly as a baby!"

"Don't tell me Ning Xi intentionally arranged this!"

"I think it's possible..."


When Ning Xueluo saw that the circumstances were easing up, she was relieved and she revealed a slightly deranged expression.

Haha... Ning Xi, you are just too naive! You really thought that you can kill me with just one hillbilly from the Tang family!?

However, before Ning Xueluo could enjoy her ecstasy, she turned pale in the next second.

"Mother, Mother, what are you doing?! Why did you suddenly come here?! Mother, get up! Get up!" The person who cried out was Sun Lan.

The crowd saw a sallow, middle-aged woman rush over. She called that deliberately provocative old lady "Mother" as she anxiously helped her up.

What made everyone turn pale with fright was that apart from this middle-aged woman's skin being rather unhealthy, her facial features looked like it was created from the same mould as Ning Xueluo's!

When the old lady saw Sun Lan, she slapped her. "I can't come!? Why can't I come!? If I don't come, Xiao Nuo's future and our entire family's future is going to be ruined by this wench that you gave birth to!

"Did you think that after that Xi girl helped Xiao Nuo this time, you can be free of worries? Wait till Xiao Nuo comes to Imperial, when he comes to this wench's turf. We don't know how else she's going to hurt our Xiao Nuo, you moron!

"Fine, you don't care! All of you don't care! Then, let me care! I definitely can't just sit idly and watch our Tang family be ruined in the hands of this wench!"

All the journalists present looked at each other in utter confusion.

"What... What's happening? Don't you guys think this woman looks very much like Ning Xueluo?"

"What do you mean look like? They're practically from the same mould!"

"Hey! Could this woman... really be Ning Xueluo's biological mother?"


Ning Xueluo looked at Sun Lan's face as she listened to the discussions around her. Her eyes were full of panic as she shook her head and stepped back as if she had seen something incredibly scary. "No, that's not it. She's not... She's not my mother... No, I'm the lady of the Ning family... I'm Zhuang Lingyu's daughter..."

She thought that she had everything under control, but she had forgotten that bloodline was something that could never be obliterated. Even if she could fake the paternity test, how about her face?

This face of hers and Sun Lan's looked exactly the same, completely exposing all of her lies under the sun...
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