Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556: Told The Truth
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Such a melodramatic clich as "bringing home the wrong daughter" was something well-received among the masses. The parties involved were currently popular artistes in the entertainment circle. They were women who called the shots in Starlight and Glory World. Furthermore, Ning Xi had even recently been promoted as an award-winning actress.

With such a terrifying level of public interest, amplified by the influence of the Su family and Ning family, the uproar definitely could not be surpressed.

In just a short amount of time, the media had interviewed almost all of the people who could provide them with information.

Everyone wanted to create a huge splash of headlines and they were having a field day!

The video showed a drunk Ning Yaohua who was stopped and questioned by a journalist.

The journalist asked, "Mr. Ning, may we ask if you've been paying attention to the rumors about your niece?"

"Well, of course!"

"What's the truth!? Mr. Ning, could you reveal it to us?"

"Hahahaha... The truth? The truth is that my foolish brother's whole family ditched their biological daughter and treated the wild fowl like a gem..."

"Then, why would your older brother do that?"

Ever since Ning Xueluo had married Su Yan, Ning Yaohua's days in the office were getting worse. His daughter, Ning Tianxin, had gone missing and he was in a foul mood recently, thus he just said gloomily, "That wench... She has many tricks up her sleeve! How can Ning Xi beat her? She was capable of getting Ning Yaohua to transfer 15% of his shares to an illegitimate child!"


At the Ning residence.

"Ning Yaobang! Look what you've done!" Ning Yaohua had just finished watching the video on his computer and he called Ning Yaobang over. He slammed the table and flew into a rage.

After all, if it were just a hillbilly woman's words, not everyone outside would simply believe it, but this was just great! Ning Yaobang, his own brother, had actually said that kind of words in front of the journalists. Now, there was really nothing they could do to clear their name!

Ning Yaobang was like a dead pig that did not fear the heat of boiled water. He crossed one leg over the other and said tauntingly, "If you dare, then go and vent your anger at your darling daughter! What are you angry at me for? I didn't expose all these scandals! I just simply told a few truths. The person who splashed crap and caused an unreasonable scene is your filial daughter's own grandmother. She's the one who appeared with that face before the camera to be disgraced as if she was afraid people wouldn't know that she's the wild fowl. That's your good daughter's own mother!"

"Shut up! Get lost!"

Ning Yaobang slipped away. "Yes, yes, yes, I'll get lost... I'll wait and watch you hand the company over to this wild girl borne by the hillbilly and see what kind of ending you'll have!"

Soon after Ning Yaobang left, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

"Father..." Ning Xueluo pushed the door open and stood shyly at the entrance.

When he saw Ning Xueluo, Ning Yaohua had mixed expressions. "You're here. Come sit."

Ning Xueluo did not sit down. Instead, she plonked down and kneeled before Ning Yaohua at his desk.

"Xueluo! What are you doing?" Ning Yaobang immediately got up.

"Father, I've let you and Mother down... Let the Ning family down... It's all my fault. I've implicated the both of you." Ning Xueluo's body trembled vigorously. "I'm willing to take on all the responsibility!"

"What do you want to do?"

"This incident has received a lot of attention and has had a huge impact. No doubt it's because I'm in the entertainment circle. Now, the only solution would be for me to quit the entertainment industry..." Ning Xueluo's expression was dismal and in pain as if she had to accept a compromise and had to make a huge sacrifice.

However, the reality was that her image had completely collapsed to the point of no return this time. Even if she continued to stay in the entertainment industry, she would not be able to last for long.
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