Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1559

Chapter 1559: Bro Xi Has Us
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At the Grand Count Hotel, Ning Xueluo had arranged for a press conference here today.

Following the incident, apart from a statement of denial from Chang Li, Ning Xueluo did not appear in public at all.

After the news of her having a press conference was made known, not only journalists, a lot of other people showed up as well. Nearly half of them were Ning Xi's fans. Apart from that, Ning Xueluo's fans took up a lot of spots as well.

After the incident happened, Ning Xueluo's fans had turned their backs on her.

Ning Xi's fans were going around and speaking up for Ning Xi under Zhuang Keer's lead. Even though they were angry, they kept their cool and won a lot of people over. Soon, many of Ning Xueluo's fans jumped over to Ning Xi's side.

"Get out of the industry, Ning Xueluo!"

"Witch! Apologize to Bro Xi! Apologize! Apologize!"

"You filthy liar, Ning Xueluo. Is this how you repay your fans?!"

Ning Xueluo donned a pair of sunglasses and a face mask as she was escorted into the hotel by a dozen security guards.

Up on stage, Ning Xueluo sat in the middle, looking pale. Beside her were Chang Li and another management-level staff from the company.

Chang Li's expression looked the worst. She did not expect that Ning Xueluo would quit.

With Ning Xueluo's reputation falling into the depths of the deepest valley, as her manager, she suffered similarly as well. Although Ning Xueluo was leaving her with such a mess, she could still return home and still be the rich daughter of her family.

What about her? Her career was totally destroyed

Even if she said that Ning Xueluo had hidden it so well that even as her manager, she did not realize at all, no one would believe her!

Chang Li regretted it deeply. As she held the announcement of Ning Xueluo quitting the entertainment industry in her hands, she felt a sense of despair rise within her.

Ning Xueluo looked dejected as she sobbed, "I believe that everyone knows a lot of things have happened recently. I understand that no one will believe what I say now but there are a lot of things that aren't as simple as they look on the surface

"As this matter brought pain to my friends and fans that have supported me, I genuinely apologize. Thank you for your support and trust up until now. Thank you so much

"Acting is my dream and hobby, but to be able to give everyone a satisfying reply, I've decided that from today onwards, I'm quitting my acting career!"

The journalists caused quite a commotion the moment Ning Xueluo announced the end of her acting career. The camera flashlights exploded one after another.

The journalists held their breaths and were waiting for some kind of twist in the announcement, but Ning Xueluo was swiftly escorted out of the room after she was done.

In a short span of time, the news of Ning Xueluo quitting the industry spread everywhere.

The netizens were discussing it frantically.

"What did Ning Xueluo mean? She made it sound like there's some hidden agenda behind it as if people have accused her!"

"What else could be hidden? If there's something else, she'd have said it already! Nothing can change these facts! This witch still won't change even at this point in time! Where's the apology?! I didn't hear anything about an apology to Ning Xi at all!"

"The point is, is quitting the entertainment industry enough? She's been acting as the daughter of the family for so long and even took over Ning Xi's life. What's she going to do about that?!"
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