Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1561

Chapter 1561: Hes My Man
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"After I received the trophy that day, I wanted to do this even then. I wanted to rush to your side and give this to the person I loved the most but so many things have happened. It's only today that I can finally give this to you!" Ning Xi's tone sounded pitiful.

"It's okay." Lu Tingxiao gently patted the girl's head. "Thank you. I really like it."

Lu Tingxiao knew that the way the girl had gazed at him at that time was so obvious that the people around him had almost found out.

Ning Xi got closer to him as she just wanted to stay near him for a little while more when her phone rang. It was Tang Nuo.

"Hello, Xiao Nuo? Did something happen?" Ning Xi asked worriedly.

Tang Nuo quickly replied, "Nothing much actually. Just that that woman is shameless enough to call us and ask Mother and Grandmother to tell the press that you asked them to do what they did. She's asking us to lie!

"You know how my mother is. She'll do anything whenever that woman shows any sign of distress. Grandmother was alright, but when she heard that woman was willing to give us money to send me overseas to study, she wavered"

Ning Xi quietly listened to Tang Nuo. The people who were spying on the Tangs did not mention this or Ning Xueluo leaving the entertainment industry.

"Then? How did you settle it?" Ning Xi asked.

"How do you know I settled it?" Tang Nuo asked.

"Besides my brother, who else could?" Ning Xi teased.

Tang Nuo replied cheekily, "I didn't do much actually. I tied a rope to the beam of the house, then I told the three of them that I'll hang myself here if anyone agrees to her conditions!"

Ning Xi found it really funny. It was simple and straightforward, but effective.

Besides, she felt really touched. "Thank you, Xiao Nuo."

After she hung up, her phone rang again.

Ning Xi was just starting the car engine, so she told Lu Tingxiao, "Darling, help me pick it up."

Lu Tingxiao saw the name "Su Yan" on the screen. After two seconds, he picked up the call.

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything and the person on the other end was silent as well.

After several seconds, a man's voice came through the phone. Su Yan sounded like he had drank a lot. "Xiao Xi, I'm sorry... I'm really sorry... I know... I don't deserve your forgiveness... But... We... Is it still possible for us?"

The atmosphere in the car turned cold when he said that.

"She's not available at the moment."

Su Yan sounded more clear-headed when he heard a man's voice answering Ning Xi's phone. He said with a stern tone, "Who are you? Why do you have Xiao Xi's phone?"

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything but his expression turned colder.

Ning Xi had just driven out of the garage when she heard the somewhat familiar voice of a man from the phone. He had even asked who Lu Tingxiao was, so she asked, "Who's on the phone?"

Before Lu Tingxiao could answer, Ning Xi glanced over and saw Su Yan's name.

Ning Xi's expression darkened.

It was this guy

Ning Xi then tilted her head to Lu Tingxiao's direction before she spoke into the phone, "He's my man. Do you have an issue with that?"
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