Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1563

Chapter 1563: At Last She's A Match
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Ning Xueluo had just left when Zhao Shanshan immediately went up to Zheng Minjun to complain, "Mother, you're so patient! Why are you speaking so nicely to her? The face of our Su family has been thrown out of the window by her!"

"Speak less! Don't think I don't know what you're thinking. You'd better stop it. If I find out that you've been spewing nonsense outside, don't blame me for not warning you!" Zheng Minjun threatened unhappily.

Su Hongguang's gaze skimmed the both of them from the side. He also spoke strictly, "Your mother's right. I don't care what thoughts you guys have. This is related to our Su family's dignity. You two had better keep your mouths shut!"

Zhao Shanshan pouted and muttered softly, "Does she even still have dignity? I don't even need to say anything..."

Su Xun leaned on the sofa, then he thought of something. He said indistinctly, "Actually, now we should be worried most about Big Brother, shouldn't we? After all, Brother is the number one victim in this whole thing! To a man, face is most important!

"All the sons of nobilities in Imperial are married to wives who are ladies from prestigious families, but he's been fooled and he married a fake heiress. Where is Big Brother going to put his face?"

When he saw that this brother of his, who had always been better and excelled further than him, being humiliated, Su Xun felt incredibly delighted.

Tsk, tsk! Even God was helping them. The two of them had just gotten married not too long ago, and now Ning Xueluo's matter was exposed. In fact, the evidence was undeniable. Even the Ning family could not cover it up. This time, they really had quite a mess at hand...

Even though Su Xun's words were not pleasant to hear, he had pinpointed the one thing Su Hongguang and Zheng Minjun cared about the most all at once.

Especially in Zheng Minjun's eyes, her son was the most outstanding. How could she bear him having such a taint?

After they returned to the bedroom, Zheng Minjun kept pondering about it. At last, she could not help but say to Su Hongguang, "Hongguang, I keep thinking about it and I still feel that my heart is stifled. It's so difficult to bear!"

"Then, what do you want to do? The matter has already reached this stage!" Su Hongguang was naturally angry too.

Zheng Minjun probed, "Hongguang, what do you think... about the girl, Ning Xi? Actually, these past few days, I can see that our Su Yan still has feelings for Ning Xi..."

Su Hongguang instantly frowned and looked over. "Do you think things aren't chaotic enough? Su Yan has already gotten married to Xueluo after all. We're unclear about Ning Xi too. What are others going to think about Su Yan and the Su family?"

Zheng Minjun immediately replied with displeasure, "Do you think I don't know all these things that you've just said? Obviously, I will do it secretively. Why would I let anyone else know?!"

Su Hongguang did not say anything as he continued to listen.

Zheng Minjun spoke again, "So what if Ning Xi doesn't have a good relationship with the Ning family? You saw for yourself at the wedding the last time that the Zhuang family was obviously inclined towards Ning Xi! After all, Ning Xi is the lady with the Zhuang family's bloodline!

"In fact, even if the time comes for Su Yan and Ning Xueluo to get a divorce for him to marry Ning Xi, I believe the Ning family would have nothing to say. It was the Nings who lied to us first! Whatever it is, we're the reasonable ones!

"Wait till our Su Yan marries Ning Xi, then we pull the Zhuang family over. Would we still be worried about the Nings not recognizing Ning Xi as their daughter then?"

Su Hongguang finally wavered when he heard this, but he still said doubtfully, "All these are just your own wishful thinking. How do you know what Su Yan and Ning Xi are thinking?"

Zheng Minjun immediately said with a matter-of-fact tone, "Is this even a question? Didn't you forget how Ning Xi this girl was madly in love with our Su Yan? Now, she's constantly going against Xueluo. A huge part must be because Xueluo snatched Su Yan away!

"Initially, I definitely wouldn't have taken a fancy to that girl, but now that I look again, after not seeing her for a few years, that girl has really blossomed pretty well. At last, she's a match for our Su Yan!"
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