Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564: He Was Married
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Ning Xueluo drove away from the Su residence, then she immediately made a call. "What has Su Yan been doing these past few days?"

"CEO Su seems to have returned to Chang Chun City's Spring Breeze Town. After he came back, he's been drinking in the bar nonstop," the person on the other end of the phone replied.

"Sprint Breeze Town..." Ning Xueluo frowned. "Where's he now then?"

"Well..." The person seemed to hesitate.

"I'm asking you something!" Ning Xueluo was impatient.

"CEO Su is now... at... at Peachwood..."

"What did you say?!" Ning Xueluo's expression changed.

She obviously knew that Peachwood was where Ning Xi stayed.

"What time did he go in?" Ning Xueluo immediately asked as her fingernails stabbed into her palms.

"No... It's not like that! CEO Su didn't go into the house. He's been standing outside the whole night..."

"Got it. Continue watching him!"

Ning Xueluo hung up, her body trembling slightly because she was very furious. She managed to calm down after quite a while.

She stopped in front of the Su family's Yifeng Corporation company building, then she found a stone nearby. She clenched her teeth before she hit herself hard on the forehead with the stone...

Fresh bloodstain slid down her forehead and into her eyes, making her face look incredibly sinister.

"Ning Xi, one day... All of this... I'll return them to you in double!"

Ning Xueluo slumped to the ground beside the car, then she picked up her phone to call Su Yan. The phone rang for a while before it went to voicemail. Ning Xueluo was so mad that she almost smashed it, but she continued to call nonstop.

When she called for the fourth time, it finally went through.

Before Su Yan could say anything, Ning Xueluo immediately weakly and painfully groaned with a frightened tone, "Bro Yan, save me... Save me... Save me, please..."

From the other end of the phone immediately came Su Yan's worried voice, but his voice was intentionally lowered as if he was afraid of being too loud. "Xueluo? What's wrong?"

"Blood... I'm bleeding a lot... Bro Yan... Am I about to die soon?"

"What nonsense are you saying?! Where are you now?"

"I'm... I'm at your company entrance... I... I didn't want to go look for you! I know that you've been in a bad mood these few days, so I didn't want to disturb you... But... But today I went home... And Mother said you haven't been home for quite a few days already. She said that I haven't been doing my duty as a wife. She told me to go look for you... That's why I could only... I'm sorry..."

"What actually happened? Are you hurt?"

"I don't know... I had just gotten down from the car when I was suddenly attacked by someone... Maybe it's... Sister's fans..."

"Don't talk anymore. I'm coming over now!"


After she hung up, Ning Xueluo's weak and pitiful expression instantly turned malevolent.

Ning Xi! Did you think I wouldn't know what you want to do? What you want?

Did you think that you could just snatch Su Yan away like this?! Dream on!


Su Yan's mood had been extremely gloomy recently. He returned to Spring Breeze Town to the residence he had stayed at back when he was recuperating. As he recalled the little details of when he was with Ning Xi, his depression started to get out of hand...

He wanted to see Ning Xi like mad, even if it was only to listen to her voice.

As expected, Ning Xi did not reply his messages. He had borrowed the courage of alcohol and called her, yet he did not expect a man to answer. In fact, Ning Xi had said herself that the person was her man!

In that instant, his despair was at its ultimate point. It was as if a beast was slamming into his chest because the current him had long lost the rights to question her...

He was married...
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