Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567: Wear Nothing
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Ning Xi gave it some thought. "Tonight? Nothing much really"

"If you don't have anything on, come over to my place. We can talk about the script."

Ning Xi was stunned when she heard that. She felt as if a huge gift had fallen from the sky. "Uhh... S-Senior Song, you mean... You're giving me some private tutoring?"

Song Lin had always been her idol, the person she had admired for so many years, a beloved goddess. Not only did she contact her personally, but she was even offering to give her some private tutoring?

What a sudden wave of pleasant surprises!

Song Lin laughed, "Sort of, do you want to come?"

Of course!

Ning Xi suppressed the words that she almost yelled out. She tried to act more reserved. "Well, wouldn't that be troublesome? You're so busy after all!"

"It's alright. I'll send my address over to you. Come over tonight," Song Lin replied.

When she received the message from Song Lin, Ning Xi almost wanted to frame up her phone.

At night, after having dinner at Platinum Palace, she tried out various outfits in the room.

"La la la la la la... It doesn't matter whether we talk all night. I don't mind going shopping with you everywhere. I'm grateful that you made me reborn again, and let me understand all over again what is L-O-V-E, lov-I-N-G, happy-I-N-G... I feel like I'm sitting on a jet plane"

With Ning Xi's cheerful singing, Lu Jingli who was playing five-in-a-row with Little Treasure sulked, "Bro, are you guys going dating again tonight?"


"No?!" Lu Jingli did not believe it. "Then, who is she going out with? Look at her, acting so cheerful and happy!"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

Lu Jingli then realized he had said something wrong. He covered his mouth and tried to come up with an explanation. "Um... Well, maybe she's just trying out clothes for fun! It might not really be a date"

"I'm finally done! How does this look?"

Ning Xi wore an aqua silk dress, which was a horrifying color. Anyone with slightly worse skin tone would have ruined the look with the dress, yet when Ning Xi wore it on her

The little bun quickly KO-ed his second uncle, then he ran up to his mother. "Mommy, you look really pretty!"

Ning Xi hugged the little bun and kissed him. "My son has great taste!"

"Mommy, are you going out for a date?" The little bun asked as he tilted his head.

Lu Jingli looked over nervously like paparazzi waiting for a scoop. Lu Tingxiao turned his head over slightly as well.

Ning Xi sounded really excited. "Yes! Mommy has a very important date tonight! Quickly give me a kiss of encouragement!"

The little bun obediently gave his mother a quick kiss.

Lu Tingxiao was speechless once again.

Lu Jingli was shocked.

She really was going on a date!

Lu Jingli was stunned. "Bro Xi, who are you dating? Who's important enough to make Bro Xi try out a few dozen clothes and several different types of makeup? Even my brother isn't treated like this! How can you do this, Xiao Xi Xi!? You're responsible for my brother!"

Ning Xi glared at Lu Jingli angrily, then she went up to Lu Tingxiao. She tiptoed and kissed him. "What now?! I can even wear nothing in front of your brother! Darling, don't listen to your brother's nonsense!"

The coldness on Lu Tingxiao's face instantly melted. He betrayed his brother without a second thought. "Mmm."

Lu Jingli was again shocked by the turn of events.

Damn you, devil tamer Xiao Xi Xi!
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