Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568: Mothers Baby
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Damn you, devil tamer Xiao Xi Xi!

Shameless! So shameless!

"Bro, can you please have some dignity? Little bun, you too. Your mother is going on a date with someone else!" Lu Jingli looked extremely worried.

The observer was much more anxious than the person involved.

Ning Xi stomped her foot on Lu Jingli's leg. "I'm dating my goddess. Are you jealous? You single dog!"

"What single dog?! What are you talking about?! I'm a lone wolf! A lone wolf!" Lu Jingli insisted angrily, then he realized, "Huh? Goddess? A woman"

"You don't say!" Ning Xi took a look at the time. "I'm not going to speak nonsense with you anymore. I'm going out now. If not, I'll be late! My goddess is going to give me some pointers for my next movie! I can't leave a bad impression!"

"Goodbye, darling. Goodbye, my baby!" Ning Xi bade farewell to the big bun and the little bun, then she left happily.

Lu Jingli then mumbled, "Why is she doing so much just to see a woman? Little bun, who's your mother's goddess?"

The little bun was his mother's top fan. Of course, he would know. He started to introduce Song Lin in detail, "Song Lin, 35 years old, the youngest actress to receive all the biggest awards in the country. She was nominated in the Golden Ball Awards as Best Female Lead before. She's the first person who's closest to receive an Oscars from the Chinese entertainment industry"

"Ah! Song Lin... No wonder!" It suddenly dawned on Lu Jingli.

Everyone near Ning Xi would know that she was a big fan of Song Lin. Her behavior just now made sense now.

However, everyone in the field knew that Song Lin was cold and arrogant. She rarely interacted with anyone, so it was unexpected that she would see Ning Xi differently after meeting her just once at the award ceremony.

Anyhow, Song Lin had an excellent reputation in the industry and her capabilities were genuine too, so it was beneficial for Ning Xi to be in contact with her.

Lu Jingli did not give it much thought because he had a more troublesome mess to deal with.

"Oh! Bro! My bro! The family meeting is happening in three days time! All of them are coming to Imperial! Almost everyone prepared girls for us! What are we going to do?!" Lu Jingli lay down on the sofa with a dreadful face. "Should I make a public announcement that I like men? Wait... Father and Mother will kill me"

The little bun looked at his weird Second Uncle in disdain, then he went back to his room to sleep.

His father had his protection anyway. He would never allow anyone to stop him from being his mother's baby!

After Lu Jingli reminded him of the family meeting, Lu Tingxiao sat on the sofa. He seemed to be thinking about something. His eyes darkened and his expression seemed to warn that a storm was brewing.

Lu Jingli looked at his brother worriedly. He felt like he might be thinking too much, but he had a hunch that trouble would happen during the family meeting.

The address Song Ling had sent Ning Xi was located in the luxurious Splendiland.

Ning Xi was surprised when she saw the address because from what she knew, Splendiland should be Song Lin's personal address.

Usually, big shots like Song Lin would be very mindful of their privacy and would not easily invite people to their personal homes.
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