Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569: To Let Other People See Me
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Ding dong.

Ning Xi stood at the door after nervously ringing the doorbell.

Very soon, the door opened from the inside.

Song Lin wore a casual nude-colored outfit. Her shiny, jet-black hair was casually pinned into a bun, and her bare feet stepped on the plush, white carpet. "Hey Xiao Xi, I thought you'd be arriving soon. Come in!"

Ning Xi was stunned for a moment before she reacted. She quickly bowed and greeted Song Lin, then she entered the house. "Sorry to trouble you, Senior!"

Everyone loved beauty, and Ning Xi's eyes almost could not tear themselves away from Song Lin.

In her casual outfit, Song Lin seemed completely different from the radiant beauty in front of the camera, who had so many fans such as Ning Xi. It was sheer luck that she was special enough to indulge in the secret joy of seeing the other side of her idol.

Now, she really understood how those groupie fans felt!

"Sit," Song Lin welcomed her as she poured her a cup of tea.

In the middle of the living room was a coffee table. On top of it was a flower arrangement in a white ceramic vase and an exquisite tea set.

"Thank you, Senior!" Ning Xi took the cup, then sat down on the cushion beside the coffee table. "What tea is this? It smells really good!"

"It's sakura tea. I made it myself."

"Really!" Once she heard that the goddess had made it herself, Ning Xi looked excited.

Song Lin smiled as she looked at the girl's genuine enthusiasm and joy, which infected her mood too.

It had been a long time since she was in such a glorious mood.

She had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and had attained much in the line of acting work. When she met someone, she could immediately tell whether they genuinely liked something, if they were faking a compliment, or if they had a deliberate motive.

It was rare for her to be confused. Sometimes, she really hated herself for being able to see everything so clearly.

Thus, when she had met this girl for the first time at the Golden Film Awards, as she witnessed the unadulterated excitement and adoration in her eyes together with her love for acting, she felt like she had just seen an oasis after traversing the desert for a long time.

Song Lin gave Ning Xi some of the dessert she had made as she casually chatted with her, "Why did you want to start acting?"

Ning Xi paused for a moment when she heard the question. Why did she want to start acting?

She had not even spoken to Lu Tingxiao about this and had never revealed the answer in front of the media.

However, with the person who could be said to be someone who changed her life before her right now, she could not hide the truth.

Ning Xi looked down and pondered, then she answered, "Actually, there isn't any special reason... I just wanted... To let other people see me, to know that I exist. However, at that moment, I didn't know how I could do that... I just knew that one day, that one time I saw you on television when you were accepting an award on stage, you were so bedazzling and everyone's eyes were all on you..."

When she was younger, because of her experience of being abandoned and being thrown out more than once, it made Ning Xi realize that she was insignificant and weak. Apart from the only younger brother who cared for her, even if she went missing and disappeared or if she died, no one would notice.

The desire to let people know about her existence built her survival instinct right from the start.

Even though Ning Xi had not explained her emotions in concrete, Song Lin thought about the girl's background and could roughly fathom the source of her thoughts.

Ning Xi smiled when she finished. "Of course, I'm also bound by convention. It's also to earn more money and become more amazing!"

She still wanted to stand alongside that person...

Ning Xi studied Song Lin. Her gestures held the manner and charm of someone with years of practice. No matter if it was in the entertainment circle or the business and investment industry, she had almost reached the pinnacle. She instantly felt that she was too far behind...
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