Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572: Dont You Think These Are Cuter?
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At Imperial Qianshan Cemetry.

The evening drizzle made one feel a little cold when coming in contact with the rain.

A black Hummer stopped quietly.

The driver swiftly got out and opened the door of the passenger seat, using a wide, black umbrella at the same time to shelter the passenger from the rain.

A man in a black suit stepped out of the car.

The man's silver hair was swaying in the gentle breeze and he held a bouquet of white roses as he looked at the cemetery.

The other passenger door also opened and a middle-aged man in a black Tangzhuang suit came out.

Qiao Yi ordered everyone to stay back. Neither did he bring anyone, nor did he use an umbrella as he went into the cemetery with Yun Shen.

Under the rain, they walked silently up to a gravestone.

Qiao Yi's expression turned cold when he saw the gravestone. His hands balled into fists.

Yun Shen remained quiet as he lay the white roses in front of the gravestone.

There was a picture of a young woman on the gravestone. She looked beautiful, but her expression seemed a little poignant.

Qiao Yi stared at the picture with a furious gaze. "After so many years, I'm finally back... Don't you worry. I'll get everything that belongs to you back!"

Yun Shen turned around and lit up a cigarette, the smoke covering his indifferent attitude and the ridicule in his smirk.

At the same time, at Platinum Palace.

The audition was in a few days' time. Ning Xi was going through the script like there was no tomorrow when she suddenly received a call to accept a delivery.

Ning Xi went down to get the delivery. After some effort, she lugged the bulky, heavy box into the house with Lu Tingxiao's help.

"What's this?"

Ning Xi opened the large box suspiciously. Although she had bought something on the Net recently, she did not remember buying something this big!

Ning Xi removed the outer packaging and a black wooden box was revealed inside.

"Wait." As Ning Xi was about to open the box, Lu Tingxiao stopped her and dragged her behind him, then he opened the box.

The moment it was opened, Ning Xi covered her eyes with her palms and groaned, "Ooh, what...?!"

My eyes!


A whole box full of gold!

Ning Xi was stunned for a while, then she carefully bit on one of it. "Damn! It's real! These are real! What's happening? Which madman send me a box of gold?!"

Lu Tingxiao studied the gold. He thought of something and his eyes turned cold.

He saw a gold card on the top of the glittering pile. Lu Tingxiao picked it up cautiously.

Ning Xi saw Lu Tingxiao looking at the card, so she glanced over curiously. She then saw a familiar handwriting. "My dear, what's so great about the Golden Film Awards? Don't you think these are cuter? -YS"

Ning Xi almost broke down.

Well, when she had thought that it was some lunatic, she should already have thought about that guy!

"He's at it again" Ning Xi felt a throbbing headache coming on. She closed the box of shiny gold. "I'll get someone to send it back later."
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