Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573: Kiss of Punishment
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"What the heck?! Just what's wrong with this guy?! Just how do you think his brain works? What's wrong with the Golden Film Awards?! Did the Golden Film Awards ever offend him? He sent over diamonds before, but now he's stopped using diamonds and resorted to gold instead! Just what did I do wrong in my past life to meet him in my current life?"

As Ning Xi was complaining, the man beside her suddenly kissed her.

It was a sudden kiss that bore a slight sense of punishment as he nibbled on the girl's lips lightly

Ning Xi grumbled as she was bitten, then she looked up at him innocently. "Mmm"

The man hugged the girl even tighter and did not allow her to escape. He only let her go after a while before he looked at her in the eye. "Don't talk about that person so intimately."

"Ugh" Ning Xi's mouth twitched as she was a little speechless. "Darling, your thought process is quite odd too"

When did she talk about that madman intimately!?

How did you get to that conclusion, darling!?

She somehow felt that Lu Tingxiao was not in the right mindset today.

Whatever, her darling was always right anyway. He was right even when he was wrong.

Ning Xi quickly comforted him, "Yes, yes, darling, you're right. It's my fault! Don't be angry! Think about it this way! Me receiving a Golden Film Award is the equivalent of us getting half of our marriage certificate!"

Lu Tingxiao's expression softened. He grazed the girl's lips with his fingers, then continued to kiss her gently

Ning Xi let the man kiss her as she sneakily kicked the box away from them.

After the man calmed down, Ning Xi took the chance and changed the topic as she dragged Lu Tingxiao onto the sofa. "Lu Tingxiao, tomorrow's your family meeting! I've already prepared your suit! Look, this is yours, and this is little bun's, okay? But little bun's one looks a little too mature for his age, so I've added something to his pocket. Look, isn't this bunny cute?"

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao hugged the girl as she went on and on. He peered at the suit Ning Xi had prepared for him. "Aren't you going with me?"

Ning Xi scratched her head. "Even with the Golden Film Awards, I'm only halfway there... It'd be great if I can be like Senior Song, the nation's goddess, with such an exceptional reputation and influence. She's even bought 5% of the Lu Corporation's shares on her own. I remember... I remember that after she bought the shares, in just three days, the share of the Lu Corporation reached the daily upper limit!"

Just a meager 1% of Lu Corporation's share was extremely costly, what more 5%!

She was already regarded as one of the big stakeholders with just 5% shares in hand, so she had a substantial amount of influence in the company.

Song Lin's ex-husband was the CEO of the Merck family from America, and her current boyfriend was the owner of the SC Company in Hollywood. Besides that, her best friend was the princess of United Kingdom... Basically, the people around her were all people standing at the top, making her existence even more legendary.

Even the reserved super-rich families in Imperial, who were biased against people from the entertainment industry, had to be wary of her.

Looking at the girl's deflated expression, Lu Tingxiao instantly felt regret. He kissed the girl's forehead and gently comforted her, "It's commendable that you have a goal, but don't rush yourself. Song Lin did enter the industry ten years before you did, after all. You're doing really great with your current achievements. You'll become a one of a kind legend."

One of a kind legend

Ning Xi's dejection vanished after she heard the devil's prophecy-like words.

"Although you can't attend it with me in public, you can accompany me another way," Lu Tingxiao said mysteriously.

"What way?" Ning Xi asked.

Lu Tingxiao thought about it before he asked, "Have you got a lipstick?"
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