Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578: The Prince Is The Key
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The lip stain incident was in the past for now, but the impact of it was pretty effective for Lu Tingxiao.

The consequence was

"Bro! You're overdoing it!"

The firepower was all focused on Lu Jingli now.

As for those who were aiming to become the head lady of the family, they understood that it was almost impossible for them to get closer to Lu Tingxiao. They would not dare to as well since he had made his stand obvious. They would not just sidle closer with the knowledge that they would get hurt. Some of the smarter ones were flexible enough to change their plan.

"Rumor has it that the woman is getting along really well with the prince! Lu Tingxiao has never been close to girls anyway. She must have gotten her chance because she's close to the prince!"

"I also heard that that woman is from a non-presentable family background. Maybe because she's too close to the prince, even Mr. and Madam Lu have to be wary of her!"

"It seems like the prince is the key!"

"You only realized it now? Look at the Guans!" People started looking somewhere nearby.

Guan Rui brought his eldest son, Guan Zihao, and grandson, Guan Zhichen, to go over and greet Lu Chongshan warmly.

To avoid making a scene, the Guan family had not come with Guan Ziyao.

Things had gotten really heated up before and might even have resulted in them being looked down upon. Moreover, the Guan family was now different from before.

Guan Zihao had won himself a government-funded project the moment he came back. The net profit from this project was able to double the size of their company. They would be able to secure a solid standing in the country after this project.

Guan Zihao looked rather handsome and he was polite as he admitted, "Uncle Lu, I heard from my father that Zhichen caused a ruckus on your birthday the last time. It's my fault for not teaching him properly. If he said anything offensive, I'm apologizing on his behalf today."

Lu Chongshan looked at this youngster whom he had not seen for many years and was impressed by his humbleness. He replied, "It's just a small matter. Don't mention it."

He had actually felt bitter towards the Guan family that day, but he was satisfied with the end result. The negative rumors about Little Treasure all vanished.

The Guans had been doing pretty well lately, and to be considerate, they had even left Guan Ziyao out from the occasion, so of course, he would not force them.

Even if their children did not get married, they did not need to become enemies.

"I'm sorry, Brother Little Treasure. I'm apologizing to you. It was my fault the other day. I shouldn't have misunderstood you just by listening to the rumors. I didn't expect you to be so amazing at such a young age. I'm really impressed!" Guan Zhichen sounded really genuine and even lavished high praises on Little Treasure.

He was just a young brat, so getting on his good side was very simple.

If it were not for his father and grandfather, he would never have said such disgusting words to a brat. Amazing? Impressive? Nonsense!

As Guan Zhichen was ridiculing Little Treasure on the inside, he took out a colorful Rubik's cube to pass to Little Treasure. "This custom-made Rubik's cube was a gift my father brought back from America. I really like it. I spent about an hour to solve it, but I'm now giving it to you, so you can kill some time with it."
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