Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581: Reduced To Such State
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Lu Chongshan had two brothers and three sisters. All his sisters were married and moved somewhere pretty far away, but no matter the background of their husbands, they were doing well because of the Lu family.

The second brother, Lu Chongyuan, was now living in Imperial together with his wife, He Jingzhu, and his daughter Lu Xinyan. He was handling several important properties belonging to the Lu family, and he was really close to the top powers.

As for the other son, Lu Chongming, who was the fourth child, he was reduced to a state whereby he would only show his face during the annual family meeting. He was regarded as a taboo and was rarely mentioned by people.

At this moment, the person at the door was Lu Tingxiao's fourth uncle, Lu Chongming.

Back then, Lu Chongshan, Lu Chongyuan, and Lu Chongming were fighting among one another fiercely; all of them were aiming for that position.

In the end, because of Lu Chongshan's outstanding ability and since he was always his father's favourite child, he was the intended successor anyway. No matter how much Lu Chongyuan and Lu Chongming tried, he still inherited the family business.

Lu Chongyuan was good at assessing the situation, so he understood that he could not win. He backed out and did very well even until now.

As for Lu Chongming, he was very ambitious and tactful. He was patient when his father had still been around, but after his father passed away, he launched his long-planned scheme. He caused enormous chaos within the family and almost destroyed the whole of the Lu Corporation.

At that time, Lu Chongshan fell ill due to overexhaustion. His life was in danger and the whole of the Lu family fell into panic.

At the same time, Lu Tingxiao had returned from Wall Street in the United States. He took over the company along with the title of the family head from Lu Chongshan. He single-handedly suppressed the chaotic situation, eliminated Lu Chongming's base, and even sent Lu Chongming away to a faraway small company, making his comeback impossible.

From an outsider's perspective, Lu Chongming had it pretty easy because the Lu family's teachings forbade siblings from hurting each other, which was why Lu Tingxiao let him off. Lu Chongming still had 5% of shares. If he lived his life earnestly, he would still be able to stay wealthy.

However, for someone who was ambitious enough to aim for the top spot, Lu Chongming could not accept that someone younger than him had taken his spot and enjoyed all the spotlight, while he could only hide in a corner and everyone avoided him

After Lu Chongming came in, he sat by himself in the corner of the bar.

After a while, a chubby, middle-aged man came over with a glass of wine in his hand. He smiled and went to Lu Chongming's side, then he raised his glass slightly. "Fourth Master, it's been some time! How're you doing?"

Lu Chongming felt disgusted when he saw who was talking to him.

It was Wu Jianda. He had just been a little henchman back then, but after he realized Lu Chongshan was on the rise, he changed sides to Lu Chongshan's and betrayed Lu Chongming. He was faring well now because of his achievements back then.

Now, he dared to come over and talk!

Had it been back then, Lu Chongming would have already kicked him away, but times were different now, so he could only endure whatever that came to him.
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