Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1582

Chapter 1582: Ill End You!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wu Jianda sat down with his jiggly tummy in front of him. "Fourth Master, let me tell you, a person has to be flexible! Look at Lu Chongyuan. He's doing really great now"

Lu Chongming swirled the red liquid in his glass. "He's just a dog to Lu Chongshan!"

"Uhh" Although Lu Chongming was chiding Lu Chongyuan, it was obvious that he was also implying that Wu Jianda was included.

Wu Jianda coughed slightly and told him earnestly, "Fourth Master! I know you despise me for what I've done, but if I hadn't done that, we'd all have died together! I have my parents and children to take care of. I can't sacrifice my whole family, can I?

"And actually, this new head of ours is certainly accomplished. I have to admit that even though Lu Tingxiao is young, he's really something!"

Wu Jianda then looked over at Lu Tingxiao's direction and commented with an envious tone, "I wonder where Lu Chongshan's luck came from. He has such a filial son, and even his second son, Lu Jingli, albeit being a little plain, any smart person would know that he's doing it for the family! If Lu Jingli isn't like what he is now, the Lu family wouldn't be this peaceful! So many people are waiting for the brothers to fight with each other so that they'll get a chance!"

In the end, Wu Jianda finally revealed his true intentions. He tried to convince Lu Chongming, "Fourth Master, times are different now. Things have been set in stone. Why don't you work under CEO Lu and have him move you back here?! You can't always stay at that odd place, can you?"

Wu Jianda was not saying these for Lu Chongming's sake. Since he had been his henchman before, he could not make his way into the core leading group unless Lu Chongming gave in and went back to Lu Chongshan. Then, he would have a chance

Of course, Lu Chongming saw through Wu Jianda's plan, so he scolded him, "Get lost! If you keep on blabbering crap to me, I'll end you!"

Wu Jianda's expression froze and he mumbled, "What the heck!? You think you're really still the Fourth Master of the Lu family? Calling others dogs, you're even lower than a dog!"

"You" Lu Chongming was furious at being humiliated by someone like him. The man's raging eyes were burning into the man under the spotlight and he clenched his fists tightly.

Lu Tingxiao!

If it had not been for him, he would not have become like this now. All of this was supposed to be his!

Back then, he had been so close, but Lu Tingxiao's return foiled all his plans and he never got a chance to make a comeback again

Somewhere nearby, Lu Jingli called Jiang Muye out of desperation. He wanted someone to share his burden.

"Hey! Jiang Muye! Come over right now!"

"You think I'm stupid? I'm not going!" There was the background music of Jiang Muye playing his game.

"If you don't come, then I'll tell Xiao Xi Xi you like her!"

Suddenly, there was the telltale sound effect of "Game Over" from the other side of the phone. "What?!"

"Quick, I'm giving you ten minutes!"

"Be responsible for your words. Which eye of yours saw that I like her? Are you blind?" Jiang Muye denied.

Why was everyone threatening him with this!?
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