Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584: Came From Hell
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"What's happened!?"

"What's this?"

With people screaming within the chaos, flower petals rained from above. They were black flower petals, signifying a bad omen.

Lu Jingli snatched one of the petals with his finger. His expression turned cold and he instantly remembered the bouquet of black mandalas during the night of his father's birthday

The flower language of black mandalas: revenge!

What had to come... finally came!

He looked at his brother who looked exceptionally calm as if he was expecting this to happen.

As the black flower petals eddied down, a young man with silver hair came in. He had a long unknown object in his hand and was walking into the hall regally

"Security! Where's security?! What's happening?"

"The security system is having issues!"

"How did this person come in?"

"W-we don't know as well!"

"Solve the issue now!"

It was chaos. On stage, as Lu Chongshan saw the young man who was walking slowly towards him, an unknown fear grew in his heart.

"Who are you?" Lu Chongshan questioned through the microphone.

The white-haired man had a creepy aura around him. He crushed the black petals with his steps as if he walked through the path of death and had returned from hell alone, but it seemed as if countless ghosts were bound to him, so no one dared to go near him

"Stand right there!" Lu Chongshan yelled loudly, but in his aggressive yell, there was a tint of fear that he himself did not even realize.


It was quiet in the hall and the young man's laughter sent shivers down everyone's spines.

The man's casual words echoed in everyone's ears, "You gave birth to me, yet you ask who I am? What is this? My dear... Father"

"You" Lu Chongshan's expression looked pale as he stepped backward unconsciously. "What nonsense are you talking about?!"

The white-haired man walked closer. He grinned. "Really? Nonsense? Back then... My name was christened by you, father! Tingshen. Lu... Tingshen."

Lu Chongshan was clearly shaken when he heard that name. His hands were trembling. "Who... Who did you say you were?!"

The white-haired man lifted his fringe, revealing a scar near his eyebrow. He laughed creepily. "One of your outstanding heirs."

"Shut up! You, shut up! I don't know you... I don't know who Lu Tingshen is... I only have two sons! Where are you from, you swindler? How dare you to lie to us Lus?!" Lu Chongshan roared at him and ordered the security guards to catch him, but his reaction only exposed that he was guilty and panicking.

Finally, when the white-haired man was about ten steps away from Lu Chongshan, he revealed what the object he was holding was. It was a memorial tablet covered in a white cloth.

There were carvings on the tablet that said, "My Wife, Yun Lan".

People who knew Lu Chongshan were shocked because the handwriting on the memorial tablet... was Lu Chongshan's!

My wife?!
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