Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585: Those Secrets
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My wife...?!

Lu Chongshan had only ever had one wife who was Yan Ruyi. Who was this Yun Lan?

The instant he saw that memorial tablet, the final tensed up nerve in Lu Chongshan's mind ruptured as if his entire being had been emptied. His face went blank.

He stood there blankly as he stared at the memorial tablet. He opened his mouth like a goldfish, but he could not say a single word. Beneath his dull eyes, there only remained huge fear and panic that was about to swallow him whole as if that memorial tablet was some kind of terrifying beast.

Lu Chongshan turned a sickly color as he fell forward without a warning.

"Ah! Chongshan! Chongshan! Chongshan, what's wrong?" When Yan Ruyi saw the two words on the tablet, she looked poorly as well. She only returned to her senses when she saw Lu Chongshan pass out. She turned pale with fright before quickly holding him up.

"Oh my God!"

"Uncle Lu! Uncle Lu..."

"Director Lu, how are you? Quickly call an ambulance!"

The silence was broken by this unforeseen event, turning things turbulent once again.

As Lu Chongshan was surrounded by the crowd, he was barely breathing, yet he had looked past the people to stare at the devilish young man and the memorial tablet in his hand. His lips trembled as he wanted to say something, yet because he was too emotional, he could not make a sound...


Not too far away, Lu Jingli clenched his grip tightly and stood there, his eyes turning murderous red because of his father's reaction. His gaze was filled with disbelief, fright, and sorrow.

It was true...

All of this was actually true...

That person... was really Father's son...

Even if he did not want to admit it, Lu Chongshan's reaction had already revealed everything, disallowing him from continuing to believe his own lies.

Even if his brother had been hiding it from him, he was responsible for the intelligence after all. How could he have not received any of the rumors? He had already long suspected it, just that this revelation had still caught him unprepared and he still was not willing to believe it...

Up until then only did Lu Tingxiao raise his hand slightly. A group of well-trained subordinates had rapidly controlled the crowd inside and outside the hall.

From the start till the end, Lu Tingxiao's expression showed neither sadness nor happiness as if he was just an observer, as if the other person was just an insignificant speck of dust, as if all of this was just a farce.

When they saw that Lu Tingxiao had made a move, those who were especially unhappy with Lu Tingxiao cast a scornful look as if they were in a top position, watching powerless individuals. The man subconsciously stroked the scar on his brow bone and chuckled, "Huh, simply because you want to confirm that all this was the truth, you intentionally indulged me by putting on a good show? Well then, my dearest brother, are you satisfied with what you're seeing? I dare guarantee that there is still much more that you don't know. That would be even more exciting..."

"Stop complicating things unnecessarily. Who are you? Wait, I don't care who you are. Please immediately leave my home!" Lu Jingli rushed over in fury.

The man revealed a faint smile that did not reach his cold, squinting eyes. He looked at the two people opposite him with a chiding expression. "You should be more courteous when speaking to your older brother. Want to consider coming to my side? If you do it now, you can still make it."

"Go to hell, brother! Who do you think you are? You're just a bargaining chip of some woman who wants to make it to the top! I've seen a lot of people like you!" Lu Jingli started to rebuke angrily as if he had been triggered.

"Really? I hope that after you learn the truth, you can still be... So innocent." The man showed mock pity all over his face, then he indistinctly strolled away.

He had walked out halfway when he suddenly turned around, inclined his head to look at Lu Tingxiao and said, "Ah, right, brother, help me pass the message to that girl. Since she's unwilling to return, she doesn't need to because very soon... The entire Lu family will be mine..."
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