Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589: Frightened Silly
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Ning Xi looked like she had just been fed with crap.

The Lu family's illegitimate child... was... her ex-boyfriend?

The more important thing was...

"Jiang! Mu! Ye!"

Was this guy doing it on purpose!?

I had so many ex-boyfriends. How would I know which one you're referring to?

"Which...one?!" Ning Xi asked through gritted teeth.

Jiang Muye flinched and curled up to a corner of the sofa. Fear was obvious across his face. He shivered and faltered, "I don't know... I don't know anything... Ask my uncle about the rest..."

Ning Xi almost could not hold herself back from strangling him to death. He had already said that the person was one of her ex-boyfriends. Why would she dare to go ask Lu Tingxiao?

"Do you know that speaking midway will get you beaten to death?" Ning Xi squinted maliciously at him.

Jiang Muye replied, "Then, kill me!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Out of options, Ning Xi could only speculate by herself.

Based on the people in Imperial now and the people Jiang Muye knew...

Su Yan?

It couldn't be! The master of the Su family was definitely proper. He would not have suddenly become the Lu family's illegitimate child.

"Mo Yuxiu?" Ning Xi asked, horrified.

Jiang Muye weakly shook his head. "No..."

Ning Xi chewed on her fingernails. She thought about it for a long while before she stared straight at Jiang Muye. "Is it you?!"

Jiang Muye looked even more appalled at this. He immediately wailed out loud, "How could it be me!?"

Ning Xi was even more emotional than he was. "Who is it then? Tell me! It's definitely not Su Yan!"

Jiang Muye looked at her questioningly. "Ning Xiao Xi, didn't you notice that you seemed to have missed someone out?"

"I missed someone out? No! I've mentioned everyone! Who did I miss? I..." Ning Xi was going on when she suddenly thought of something. She suddenly felt like her entire being had been struck by lightning and she stiffened on the spot.

Jiang Muye did not say anything either. He just watched that expected expression of hers, watched the way she was terrified and looked like a fool.

In that instant, strong winds buffeted through Ning Xi's mind, hitting her hard and messing everything up. One name had terrifyingly surfaced in her mind...

Some time passed before Ning Xi finally found her voice. She rigidly turned her head to Jiang Muye on the sofa. "Yun... Yun Shen...?"

Yun Shen was the illegitimate son of the Lu family? Was Lu Tingxiao's brother of the same father but a different mother?

How could this be!?

Even though it was not quite the best comparison, the explosiveness of this news was no less horrifying than Jiang Muye being her son...

Jiang Muye nodded like a chick pecking on grains. "Now you know why I didn't say it, don't you? I've been frightened silly too..."

"Jiang Muye! Are you messing with me?!" Ning Xi shouted angrily.

"Why would I mess with you? Do I get anything out of it?" Jiang Muye was so mad that he took out his phone and played a video.

Instantly, there was an incredibly familiar face on the screen.

A white-haired man held an object covered with a cloth as he walked slowly towards the stage. "You gave birth to me, yet you ask who I am? What is this? My dear... Father"

"Ah, right, brother, help me pass the message to that girl. Since she's unwilling to return, she doesn't need to because very soon... The entire Lu family will be mine..."

Ning Xi watched the video on the phone and saw the man's devilish face. When he uttered the last sentence, it was as if he noticed that Jiang Muye was secretly recording him. He suddenly looked towards the camera as if he was looking at her through the video. Ning Xi was so startled that her hand trembled and she tossed the phone away.
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