Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590: You're The Best Second Child
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Jiang Muye picked up his phone and quickly deleted the video before he felt assured again.

"Ning Xiao Xi, now that the Lu family has fallen into chaos, my uncle is at the company, having an emergency meeting! Wait till my uncle returns and you can ask him. Then, you'd know... Everyone at the scene was ordered to keep their mouths sealed and not tell outsiders, but I think my uncle's orders about outsiders definitely excludes you. I was afraid that you'd be worried if you couldn't contact him, so I decided to still come and let you know..."

Ning Xi buried her head in her hands before she lifted up a hand and indicated for Jiang Muye to stop talking.

She needed some silence. Her head was about to explode.

She had been guessing what Yun Shen's grudge with the Lu family was, but she would never have thought that things would turn out like this...

Bloody hell! Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao were brothers of the same father but had different mothers. This was clearly messing with her!

"Where's Lu Tingxiao now? Still at the office?" Ning Xi asked.


"Got it. Thanks for coming over to tell me. I've to make a trip to the company now!" Ning Xi swiftly got up, put on a jacket and grabbed her bag. She put on her shades and mask before walking out. She could not wait a moment longer to figure out what this was all about.

Ning Xi had just reached the company building when she saw the two men standing there.

One was Lu Jingli and the other was an older, middle-aged man that she did not recognize.

"Oh, Third Master, where are you going?" The middle-aged man greeted Lu Jingli mockingly.

Lu Jingli's usual smiley expression had now turned as cold as ice. "Fourth Uncle, what did you say? Please say it again!"

"I said... Third nephew..."

At the sound of the man's voice, bam! Lu Jingli's fist made contact with the face of the man he called "Fourth Uncle".

The man staggered from the hit. There was a flash of malice in his eyes as he instantly returned a fist, then the two of them started to get tangled in a fight.

Lu Jingli had the upper hand. He kept beating up the middle-aged man like crazy as if he had been suppressing himself and had finally found a loophole to vent.

Ning Xi had never seen Lu Jingli this terrifying.

At that moment, that middle-aged man, who had been pushed down to the ground, suddenly felt for the hidden compartment in his shoe and pulled out a knife. He held it up and looked murderous as he aimed at Lu Jingli's back to stab him...

Ning Xi's eyes were sharp. She immediately lunged forward and kicked his wrist that held the knife.

With a clatter, the knife fell to the ground.

"My... God!" Lu Jingli looked at the knife with gloominess and lingering fear on his face.

Lu Chongming looked surprised at the woman in the windbreaker, shades, and mask. Then, he looked at Lu Jingli who was about to jump over and beat him up again. He quickly got up and reeled as he ran away.

When Lu Jingli saw Ning Xi, there were no more traces of the viciousness from earlier. His face was covered in sorrow like a bullied child who clung to his mother. "Oh! Sister-in-law, I've been bullied... They're all bullying me..."

Ning Xi felt her mouth twitch. She thought to herself, "Clearly, you were one-sidedly beating up the other person, alright?"

"What's the situation?"

Lu Jingli wailed, "I'm not the third son! I'm not the third son! I'm the second child! The second!"

Lu Jingli's mournful cries about being the "second child" echoed in the sky above them.

Ning Xi was so done with him. "Can you be softer, bro?"

Lu Jingli was still earnestly announcing his ranking, "I am! I'm the second child! Whoever says I'm not the second child, I'll beat the crap out of them!"

Ning Xi was speechless. "Yes...yes, yes, yes! You're the second child! You're the best second child. Is that good enough?"
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