Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592: Dont Mind It
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As the stakeholders were chased away, the girl on the sofa seemed to have stirred. She half-consciously reached out and wrapped her wrists around the neck of her boss delicately. "Hmm... Darling"

The girl called him intimately and very naturally gave him a peck on his cheek.

From that angle, although they only saw a fraction of the girl's face, she was stunning enough to them. What was more shocking to them was the expression their boss had on his face for that split second. He looked so loving that they were about to melt

Everyone was speechless by what they saw.

When he heard voices from the back, Lu Tingxiao realized that the people had not left yet, so he turned around and glared at them.

The stationary stakeholders then quickly left the room and closed the door.


What a shock!

"I didn't expect our boss to have this side of him. He was like the King of Hell during the meeting just now... He has a soft spot after all!"

"Guys, what kind of person do you think our Lady Boss is?" A few stakeholders were presuming.

"That's a tough question, but just by looking at our Boss' attitude, she really must be the one!"

"Then, why are so many people still trying to introduce girls to him?"

One of the slightly older stakeholders spoke up, "This would mean that... The boss is satisfied with this woman, but his parents aren't... She probably isn't from a good background"

"That makes sense!" The people around him agreed. They then mumbled quietly, "So, this means the others still stand a chance to be the head lady! Especially since it's now such a crucial period of time, a marriage will help the Lu family secure their position. No matter what, CEO Lu will have to consider the grand scheme of things"

"It's just a guess after all. I suggest not doing anything rash. What if the Lady Boss is from an extraordinary background? No one knows!"

After they chatted for a little while, someone went up to the slender-looking female stakeholder who was walking at the very back. "Well, Ms. Song, it's a rare occassion that we get to see you. Want to go out for a meal later?"

"Sorry, I still have something to do later," Song Lin apologized and turned them down.

"That's too bad. Next time then. Please come out with us the next time"

"Of course, CEO Feng, I'll take my leave first."

As Song Lin was leaving, she turned her head around for another look at the CEO's office, her eyes hiding something.

In the CEO office, Ning Xi woke up when Lu Tingxiao came closer to her. She unconsciously leaned over, then she realized that this was Lu Tingxiao's office!

And she vaguely recalled seeing a bunch of people behind Lu Tingxiao earlier.

Oh no! How embarrassing!

Ning Xi instantly got up. She scratched her head shyly. "I'm really sorry. I'm a little blur having just woken up. I'll be careful next time"

Lu Tingxiao leaned in and kissed the girl's lips, only letting go after a long while. "I don't mind it."


Lu Tingxiao did not move away. He sat on the sofa beside Ning Xi and put the girl along with the blanket onto his lap. He appeared sleepy and tired since he probably had not rested for the past day. He was even wearing the same shirt that still had that familiar lip stain on it...
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