Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1594

Chapter 1594: I Will Protect Mother Well
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At Platinum Palace.

The servant carefully knocked on the door of the study room. "Master, someone came from the old master's side. They said that they're here to pick Little Master up to go over for a meal."

Lu Tingxiao peered up from his documents. "Ask Little Master to come here for a while."

"Okay, Master," the servant answered and went out.

A while later, Little Treasure entered the study room.

Lu Tingxiao stood up from his chair before his desk, then he sat on the sofa in the room. He said to his son, "Come sit here."

The little bun walked over and sat down as he hugged a furry bunny in his arms.

This bunny was the one he had saved the last time they had gone for a picnic with Mommy. After the bunny's leg had healed, Ning Xi brought Little Treasure to try letting the bunny go, but unexpectedly, it only wanted to follow Little Treasure and not go anywhere else. Furthermore, Little Treasure hated to part with it too, so he had just brought it back and kept it as a pet.

Now, the bunny had become as fat and round as a ball. In the little bun's arms, it looked just like a round, little white dumpling.

Lu Tingxiao told his son, "Grandfather and Grandmother want to bring you back for dinner. Of course, apart from the meal, there'll be something else..."

The little bun stroked the bunny in his arms with single-hearted devotion without even looking up.

Lu Tingxiao then said, "It's related to your mother."

The little bun instantly glanced up and stared at Lu Tingxiao. Even the bunny in his arms had perked up its ears.

Lu Tingxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry as he sighed and continued, "Your grandfather and grandmother are preparing to put me up to a blind date."

The little bun immediately understood his father's meaning. He then pursed his lips. Moments later, there was a determination in his eyes as he said, "I will protect Mommy well!"

No one can replace Mommy!

Lu Tingxiao nodded, satisfied. "Try to drag as much time as possible. I'll deal with the rest."

The little bun nodded.


After the father and son finished their chat, Little Treasure then followed the people who had come to fetch him to the old residence.

"Grandfather, Grandmother!"

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi had long been sitting in the living room and waiting. When they saw their dearest grandson had arrived, the two elders instantly beamed with happiness. The gloomy clouds in the past few days instantly vanished.

"Little Treasure is here! Grandmother missed you so much! Quickly come here and give Grandmother a hug!"

The little bun obediently ambled over and hugged his grandmother.

Yan Ruyi was so overjoyed that her heart melted and her face showed that all was well with her grandchild.

"Quickly come over for dinner. Don't starve Little Treasure!" Lu Chongshan said as he urged for the kitchen to start serving.

On the dining table was all of Little Treasure's favorite dishes. Little Treasure's bowl had turned into a tiny mountain as Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi kept spooning food.

As the two elders looked at their obedient, sensible, and bright grandson, their eyes were filled with affection.

Lu Chongshan cleared his throat. He had to disrupt the mood, so he looked at his wife to remind her of something.

Yan Ruyi frowned before she probed, "Little Treasure, what kind of woman would you like to be your mother?"

Little Treasure pretended to contemplate her question seriously. Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan watched him nervously.

"A girl like my Mommy," answered Little Treasure.

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were speechless.

Without a doubt, Little Treasure's "Mommy" was definitely referring to Ning Xi.

Yan Ruyi helplessly cleared her throat. She resumed, "Baby, your Aunty Xiao Xi is indeed a very excellent woman but... Actually, there are even more excellent ladies! You're just too young, so you've never seen them... If there's a woman you like even more, would you be willing to let them be your mother?"

The little bun blinked. "Then, I'll have to see them before I know."

When Lu Chognshan and Yan Ruyi heard this, they were instantly thrilled. They did not expect things to go this smoothly.

Lu Chongshan immediately said, "Then, Grandfather and Grandmother will arrange for it. Later on, we'll let you choose yourself, okay?"

The little bun nodded. "Okay."
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