Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1596

Chapter 1596: Im Brother Little Treasures Wife
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Chi Yingying was not the only one who had received insider news.

Many people had received the news directly from the Lu family, especially people who caught Lu Chongshan's eye.

Guan Zhichen had been going over to their residence every day ever since the family meeting. He might as well be staying there already. The Chi family also sent their grandson, Chi Shuai, who was the same age as Little Treasure to play with him as they wanted to get to know him better.

Some of the further-sighted people were thinking that even if they could not have a head lady in their family, maybe they could have a future one from the next generation.

Suddenly, the garden in the residence was filled with grandchildren from all the prestigious families.

In the living room were their mothers, watching their lively children with loving gazes.

Apart from their parents' exhortation, the children were genuinely fond of Little Treasure. While he was quiet, he was very polite and really bright. He had a natural sense of leadership.

The girls were especially admiring Little Treasure after a few days of being together. All of them wanted to play with him, and even gave him whatever nice things they found such as food and toys.

Guan Zhichen was in disdain when he saw this brat being complimented and fawned over, but on the surface, he kept on praising him as well, "Brother Little Treasure is such a genius. I gave him a Rubik's cube, which took me an hour to solve, but Little Treasure solved it in about a minute! There was also a really difficult maths question the last time that no one was able to solve but Little Treasure"

"Wow! Little Treasure is awesome!"

"Amazing! Little Treasure, can you be my master!?"

"Me too, me too!"

Among the crowd, a pretty and cute lolita hopped over and said sweetly, "Brother Little Treasure, I want to marry you when I grow up!"

Because of this, the peaceful atmosphere was broken

A heavy-set boy rushed out from the crowd. "Tian Tian! No! You're my wife!"

The lolita looked at the boy in disgust, then she walked beside Little Treasure. "I'm not your wife! I'm Brother Little Treasure's wife!"

"You are! You are!" The boy's face was all red when he heard that, and he even tried to drag the girl away.

Despite being in the limelight, Little Treasure backed away, still having no expression on his face as usual. He was not really interested in girls like his father. More apparently, he was not interested in the topic of who was going to be whose wife.

"Say it out loud! Tian Tian is my wife! Not yours!" The chubby boy went up to Little Treasure and shoved him to get him to admit it when he could not convince the girl.

Guan Zhichen looked at this little boy and recognized him as the grandson of one of the largest stakeholders of the Lu Corporation. He was Chi Shuai, Chi Jingwen's dear grandson. The Chi family doted on him to the point that he was fearless. He also got angry and violent easily.

It was surprising that the Chis would send him over without worrying that he might get into trouble, but this was their best chance.

His father had said that the Chi family was his aunt's biggest competitor

He would use this chance to eliminate his aunt's competitor, so that they would not even get the chance to participate in the tea party!
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