Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599: So Cool
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"My mother taught me to use peaceful measures before using force and I've given you a chance." The little bun bent down, picked up the little bunny that had fallen. He carefully cleaned the dust on it with a handkerchief before carefully putting it back into his pocket at his chest.

Half of the little bunny was stuffed into his pocket, while the other half of its head hung outside as if it was sticking its head out and leaning from the pocket. It was especially cute.

"Oh dear" The ladies who had just rushed over and coincidentally saw Chi Shuai being kicked were instantly stunned and only reacted moments later. They quickly ran over, Elder Madam Chi being the fastest.

"Shuai Shuai! Shuai Shuai! Are you okay? Oh my God! This isn't good..." Elder Madam Chi was so frightened that her soul left her.

"I didn't hit his vital parts. He's fine," answered Little Treasure with a cold expression.

He had been kicked so far away! How could he be okay?

At this moment, Chi Shuai who was dumbfounded by the kick had become clear-headed again. Once he snapped out of it, he immediately pushed his grandmother who was hugging him away. Then, he ran to Little Treasure like a tornado before he said emotionally and incoherently, "Lu Qingyu, you... You... You... How did you do that?! Do you know kungfu?! Like the swordsmen on TV who can kick people until they fly? And can make them even fly... Do it again! Do it again!"


Elder Madam Chi instantly looked embarrassed. Now, she believed that her grandson was indeed okay. "What nonsense are you saying?! What do you mean 'do it again'?! You monkey, how many times have I told you? This is someone else's house and we're guests. You must know your manners. Why are you causing trouble again!"

Elder Madam Chi had seen her grandson snatching someone else's belonging and provoking them first with her own eyes. Earlier, she had been worried that her grandson had been hurt, but now that she had returned to her senses, the lingering fear dawned on her!

He must have offended him horribly!

Chi Shuai did not know that much. He was already circling Little Treasure excitedly as he kept asking him how he did it and whether he could teach him. He even brought his treasured toys to exchange for the knowledge. If this little guy had a tail, it would probably be wagging crazily.

It was not just Chi Shuai. All of the children were very interested in things like this, especially the boys, thus Little Treasure was instantly surrounded by the little guys again.

"Brother Little Treasure is so cool!"

"Brother Little Treasure is so amazing! He's a real man! Not a girl!"

"Lu Qingyu, why are you so strong?"

"Lu Qingyu, do you know the Lightness Skill [1]?"


The group of brats' moodiness came and left rather quickly. Now, they were surrounding Little Treasure and everyone was chattering away. There were no more traces of trying to pick a fight...

"Madam Lu, look at this. I... I'm really sorry! My Shuai Shuai is just too mischievous but he has no ill intentions!" Madam Elder Lu looked apologetically to Yan Ruyi and apologized.

Yan Ruyi had been really incensed when she saw Little Treasure getting bullied earlier, but now she obviously felt pleased when she saw her grandson teaching all those children. She said, "They're just children. It's normal to have some friction, Madam Chi. There's no need to worry."

Elder Madam Chi let out a sigh of relief. Immediately, there were other ladies on the side who saw a gap and quickly took advantage of it. They started to brownnose her. "Madam Lu, your Little Treasure is extraordinary! He's still so young, yet he's so talented already!"

They were not really brownnosing. With the display of Little Treasure's skills earlier and the way he was teaching the other children now, one look and they could tell that he had gone through proper training.

[1] - The ability to make the body light and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.
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