Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600: I'll Turn Everyone That Comes Gay
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Yan Ruyi proudly announced, "Actually, it's nothing. I just hired a master for him to train from so that he can strengthen his body..."

"This isn't just at a level of strengthening the body, is it? I hired a Taekwondo teacher for mine too, but it wasn't effective at all!"

"Mine too. I wonder which master did you hire, Madam Lu?" One of the ladies asked.

When Yan Ruyi heard this question, she looked a little awkward. She had heard Jingli mention that Little Treasure's master was one of Ning Xi's friends.

"Well... It's all arranged by Tingxiao, so I'm not too sure either!" Yan Ruyi answered vaguely.

On the other side, Lu Jingli was secretly texting Xiao Xi Xi and his brother.

Lu Jingli: Xiao Xi Xi, do you know what I just saw? Our Little Treasure was so cool! He used one leg and kicked that chubby boy from the Chi family who bullied him into the air!

Very soon, Ning Xi replied to his text.

Ning Xi: My dearest's genes are indeed incredible!

Lu Jingli sent the same content to his brother too.

Lu Tingxiao's reply was, "It was the child's mother that taught him well."

Lu Jingli was instantly stuffed with their mutual public display of affection, causing him so much pain that he just did not want to live...

Are you two on this together, hey!?


At Peachwood.

Ning Xi lazed on the rattan chair in the backyard under the shade of the flower bush. She had a script in one hand, while her phone was in the other hand held as she replied Lu Jingli's messages with delight in her eyes.

When the phone chimed, Lu Jingli replied her again. It was a screenshot of Lu Jingli having sent the same thing to Lu Tingxiao, and Lu Tingxiao's reply being: "It was the child's mother that taught him well."

Ning Xi instantly giggled to herself. She could almost imagine Lu Jingli's expression upon reading her and Lu Tingxiao's reply.

Tomorrow, she would be going to Jiang Xingzhou's set for the audition. At night, Lu Tingxiao, Little Treasure, and Lu Jingli would come over for dinner. They had said that they wanted to support her. Ning Xi had decided to invite her Second Senior Brother, Tang Lang, over too. After all, he was Little Treasure's master. His contributions could not go unnoticed now that Little Treasure was being so amazing.

At night after he came over, Lu Jingli started to vividly describe the way Little Treasure had carried himself well throughout the day to Ning Xi.

"Now, that group of brats has been obediently reduced to submission by our Little Treasure!"

Tang Lang was initially not very happy about having this student. However, now he was particularly content as he felt an odd sense of achievement. "Well, you should see who taught him!"

Ning Xi looked speechlessly at a certain someone who was glittering with sunshine. "Stop blowing your own trumpet! that's my Little Treasure. If it were a different person, they'd definitely be angered to death by an unreliable master like you! Are there masters like you who disappear so frequently?!" Ning Xi said as she looked gently at the father and son duo who were busy in the kitchen. There was a faint smile in the corner of her mouth.

"Well, I didn't delay teaching either. Today's incident was the best testimonial..." Tang Lang laughed mischievously, then he looked contemplatively at Ning Xi on the sofa. He beamed in admiration. "Tsk tsk, Little Junior Sister! It's not that I want to nag you, but you're rather calm! Your dearest darling is about to have a marriage arranged for him, yet you can still smile?"

"With my darling and baby keeping watch, what's there for me to worry about?" Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him, then she paused and drawled to say, "Besides..."

"Besides what?" Tang Lang raised his brows with interest.

Ning Xi propped up her legs on the coffee table, one hand lazily supporting her head as she continued with wandering eyes, "Besides, there's still me! If anyone dares to seduce my darling, worst come to worst... I'll turn everyone that comes gay!"

Tang Lang was speechless.

"Pfft" Lu Jingli who had just brought a cup of water in had spat out and coughed until the earth shattered.
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