Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1602

Chapter 1602: True Capability
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The next morning, Ning Xi went to the audition venue on time.

In recent times, the only thing she did was just study the script. Ling Zhizhi had only helped her to find a vast amount of videos for her reference and she did not really care about anything else.

As was common knowledge throughout the industry, Director Jiang Xingzhou's audition was the simplest, and also the toughest.

It was simply because he would ignore every private recommendation. He only cared about an actor's capabilities. Nevertheless, it was also tough because of the exact same point.

Jiang Xingzhou was recognized for being extremely strict. Artistes in the industry would get goosebumps just hearing his name.

Regardless of that, his films had quality and standard. Everyone would love to be part of it.

When Ning Xi reached the venue, as she expected, many of the top performing artistes were gathered there. A lot of them belonged to the Capability Camp too.

Those without a certain level of capability would not even dare to be there.

Once, an artiste with a huge fan base came to audition for Jiang Xingzhou's movie, but the artiste had performed really badly. Because of Jiang Xingzhou's harsh criticism, he almost left the industry.

As Ning Xi arrived, she greeted everyone before she sat down in a corner and started preparing herself. Everyone else was focusing on themselves as well. They were all experienced artistes, but when it came to auditioning for Director Jiang, they still felt like they were taking their first acting exam back in university.

Ning Xi looked around and saw a few familiar faces. Fang Xiaowen, Xu Jiaojiao... She had seen the both of them at the audition for the perfume ad back in Los Angeles. Seeing Fang Xiaowen there was expected. She had received a Golden Film Award before after all. As for Xu Jiaojiao, Ning Xi was rather impressed by her courage.

There were also several others who were like Xu Jiaojiao who did not really have much acting skills but were trying their luck there.

Besides that, there were several married and pregnant artistes; the character was a mother after all. The scene to be portrayed was of a middle-aged woman. Even with good acting skills, being too young might hinder a person from displaying a maternal instinct. When she was talking to Song Lin before, she had mentioned in passing that Director Jiang wanted to find someone slightly older.

No matter her age and appearance, she did not carry much threat to her competitors.

"Senior Song!"

"Sis Lin!"

"Sis Lin, you're here!"

There was a small ruckus among the crowd as Song Lin arrived.

Song Lin was also one of the judges in this audition.

Ning Xi reactively turned over when she heard Song Lin's name. What surprised her was that her goddess was wearing a design by Spirit today.

Song Lin put on an elegant smile and greeted everyone back. She did not really talk much to Ning Xi and went into the audition room swiftly.

After Song Lin arrived, the audition soon started.

The first one to go in was Xu Jiaojiao. After three minutes, she came out in tears.

No one was surprised. It was pretty much expected. A few other female artistes, who were there to try their luck, suddenly turned pale.

The audition continued and it was soon Ning Xi's turn.

A lot of people looked at Ning Xi when her number was called.

After receiving the comment that "she deserved it" from Director Feng at the Golden Film Awards ceremony, and receiving both the Best Female Lead and Best Secondary Female Lead Awards, it was normal for her to attract attention.
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