Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612: Directors Invitation
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"Good take!"

The director said after a while.

Not just Orlando, even Ning Xi was stunned when she heard the director.

Was she mistaken? Did he just declare "good take" instead of "take two"?

Whatever! Maybe the director felt that Orlando's impromptu line was sufficient!

It was good for them that it had passed naturally.

Ning Xi quickly took her foot off Orlando. Then, she extended her hand to him and apologized, "I'm really sorry, Senior Orlando. Did I hurt you anywhere?"

Orlando looked as if the Empress herself had just arrived. He quickly clasped Ning Xi's hand. "Of course not, my dear. You're too gentle! You should be rougher! Let me feel the pain!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

What the heck was that about, being rougher and making him feel pain?

Was he truly a masochist?

"That's great then! Thank you so much! I'm glad to have worked with you! I hope there'll be chances of us being in a similar scene again in the future!" Ning Xi bowed. After that, she also went to thank the other actors and working crew.

After this scene, she would be done.

Xiao Tao returned to her senses from her Bro Xi's extremely cool scene, then she realized that Bro Xi was done!

Sis Zhizhi had mentioned it would take a few days if things went well, but it seemed like it had gone a bit too well... She was done in just a day! Oh, how regretful!

Not only was the scenery there great, there were a lot of hot guys too!

Orlando live up to the nickname "The Elf" that his fans had christened him. He was so charming and charismatic!

Orlando could not stand it anymore when Ning Xi was bidding farewell to everyone, so he went up to Martin and begged him, "Oh, my dear director! I made a mistake just now, didn't I?"

Let me redo it again!

The director was thinking about something seriously. He waved his hand impatiently. "Orlando, that scene has passed. Please don't disturb me."

He then went to the camera to look at the footage.

Orlando looked at the director dreadfully.

After bidding farewell to the actors and staff, Ning Xi went up to the director. "Director Martin, I'm honored to have worked with you. Albeit it being a short time, I've learned a lot"

She wrapped up the small talk. "If there's nothing else you need me for, I'll be leaving tomorrow."

The accommodation was free for her after all, so it was considered a public resource and it would not be right if she continued staying after finishing her scenes.

Director Martin peeled his eyes away from the footages and looked at the girl. He said seriously, "Dear Xi, I have a request. Your acting today is really good. There's no issue at all, but I hope you can stay for a few more days! Three days... No, two days. Is that okay?"

Ning Xi thought about it. Maybe there would be some other parts that she would be needed in. For example, if they changed the script, then her role would be affected too.

Since the director had asked her and she had some free time too, Ning Xi did not reject him and agreed, "No problem. Of course, I'll be at the hotel. Just contact me whenever you need me!"

Martin breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you very much!"
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