Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619: That Person Is...
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At the hospital, outside the ward.

Orlando's beautiful blonde hair had been ruffled until it was messy. His clothes were wrinkled too, and one of his shoes had even gone missing. At this moment, his face was full of panic.

Apart from Orlando, there was also the director, the producer, the scriptwriter, the props master, and Xiao Tao outside the ward...

"Orlando! You'd better give me an explanation! What happened!?" Martin was as irritable as an angered lion at that moment.

"Martin! I don't know! I really don't know... I don't know how it became a real gun!" Orlando looked pained as he buried his head. Until now, his fingers were still trembling.

Martin stared straight at this man before him. From his expression, he did not look like he was pretending...

However, Martin's expression did not soften at all. "You don't know?! That gun has been with you all this while. How could you not know?"

Orlando was distracted right then. He buried his head and only a while later he stammered, "It was... was with me... but it wasn't with me throughout. I... Yesterday, I gave the gun to Xi... to let her take it back to practice. She returned it to me this morning..."

When Xiao Tao, who was crying until her eyes were about to swell into peaches, heard this, she sobbed and sniffled as she said, "Director, Teacher Orlando did indeed give the gun to Bro Xi last night. The next day it was I who returned it to Teacher Orlando..."

"Did it pass through anyone else's hands in between?" Martin immediately asked.

Xiao Tao shook her head. "I don't think so!"

"Damn it..." Martin was so annoyed that he cursed under his breath.

The hotel was sealed. Apart from the filming crew, outsiders could not enter. What kind of person could change the gun without anyone noticing? And the person wanted them to do this?

Earlier, the scene had been chaotic. Ning Xi wore a red costume as well, so they could not see where she had actually gotten injured.

Right then, the doctor was still doing a check-up on her inside the room. They were not sure what the situation was either.

Ning Xi was the most popular artiste under China's most capable management company, Glory World Entertainment right now. Furthermore, Glory World Entertainment was a company under the Lu Corporation. If something happened to Ning Xi when she was in his crew...

Even if this matter did not startle Mr. Lu, they would definitely be faced with huge trouble...

China was very strict with gun management, so he had pulled some strings and sent her to this extremely hidden private hospital. If they had sent her to another hospital, once they saw it was a gun wound, even the police force would be alarmed...

"Why isn't Xi out yet...?" Orlando kept anxiously looking towards the ward.

"Orlando, you go back and wait in the hotel. I hope that you're clear that you're still a suspect!" Martin said coldly.

Orlando looked defeated. "I will, but please let me first confirm Xi's condition!"

At this moment, the ward door was opened. A doctor dressed in a white gown walked out.

"Doctor, how's she?" A group of people surrounded the doctor frantically.

Just as Martin was worriedly trying to confirm Ning Xi's condition with the doctor, there was suddenly the sound of footsteps from the hallway behind them.

Martin's face instantly fell.

How was there someone here? He had clearly ordered for the hospital to seal off this floor.

They saw that this man was followed by a subordinate who looked like his assistant. As if the frost on him had come from a world of ice and snow, his entire body emitted a terrifying presence...

When he saw who had come, Martin felt his heart thump like a bullet train. He muttered to himself that this was no good.
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