Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625: I'll Be Here To Accompany You
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Many men around looked enviously towards Mo Lingtian.

However, the man on the chair opposite her was leaning back at the moment, his arms casually across the armrest. There was aloofness and alienation in his eyes. Even though he was still sitting right there, his expression clearly showed that he was distracted in his own world.

Guan Ziyao obviously noticed that Mo Lingtian had started to become odd since he saw that woman.

In reality, after that incident had happened, Mo Lingtian had been quite out of it.

Because that woman once had his child, so even if he did not like her, it still would not be the same?

Even if she did not actually like Mo Lingtian, as she watched the way his attitude towards her changed, especially earlier when he had spoken to her that way because of that woman, she still felt unease in her heart.

Since they were children, Mo Lingtian had never uttered a harsh word to her. Every time he saw her, all of his gaze and attention would be on her, yet now...

Guan Ziyao tried very hard to make herself ignore the heaviness in her heart. "Uncle Lu and Aunty Lu have actually organized some socialite tea party behind Tingxiao's back, and even let Little Treasure help him choose the woman... It really is unfortunate... but this time, the Lu family's situation is rather sticky. It's no wonder Uncle Lu and Aunty Lu would be so worried!"

When she thought about how one batch of women after another had racked their brains to sidle up to the Lu family, Guan Ziyao felt indifferent.

Using this kind of way to let people nit-pick as they wished was really a drop in class.

Mo Lingtian's long fingers stroked the glass in his hand. There was a gloominess in his eyes. This was undoubtedly the woman he loved the most in this lifetime opposite him, yet it was like he had gone crazy. His head was filled with what he had seen earlier, which was the image of another girl.

Originally, when he had first found out that Tianxin had aborted the child and he had seen that security footage for himself, he had badly wanted to see her. Later, logic made him regain control of himself and he did not bother her anymore.

Even if he suppressed it more, his urge of wanting to see her had become even stronger.

He would never have thought that today he would bump into her in such a way with absolutely no preparation.

She was much skinnier. She had already been gaunt back then, but now she looked even frailer. When she saw him, she had been very calm...

He noticed that she did not look too well. She was very pale. Could she be feeling ill?

Opposite him, Guan Ziyao was saying something. He barely heard anything. When he thought about this, he could not sit still any longer.

With the squeaking sound of the chair rubbing against the floor, Mo Lingtian took out a brown file holder from behind him and placed it in front of Guan Ziyao. "This is the thing you want. Sorry, I've got something to do. I need to leave first."

"Lingtian..." Guan Ziyao was shocked as she stood up and wanted to ask more, but Mo Lingtian was already gone.


"Sis Tianxin, are you sure you really don't need to go to the hospital?"

Ning Xi had given Ning Tianxin painkillers, then followed Annie's prescription to brew a dose of medicine for her, but she was still worried.

"It's just an old problem. I'm well aware of how it is. I'll be fine after sleeping."

"Okay then. I'll stay here to accompany you," Ning Xi said as she tucked her in.

After Ning Tianxin fell asleep, Ning Xi walked to the balcony and softly gave Annie a call.

"Hey, Annie..."

The call had just gotten through when Annie's worried voice came through from the other end. "Bro Xi! Bro Xi, I heard that you got hurt. Are you better now? I wanted to go see you, but it's a mess here on my end..."

"What's up on your end?" Ning Xi quickly asked.
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