Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626: Honest Body
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Ning Xi had not been online much to focus on healing herself. She was not aware of what was happening around her.

Annie hesitated, "Bro Xi... Don't you know? Bro Shen was arrested by the police"

"What?" Ning Xi's expression changed. "When did this happen?"

"Three days ago"

"Why was he arrested?"

"They said he's suspected of possessing drugs. He was brought to the station for investigation and he's not back yet... Bro Xi, I know you're in an awkward position... but... can I please ask you a favor? Please go and take a look at Bro Shen. He's not willing to see anyone now. No one knows what happened to him... We're very worried"


Drugs were a very good way to get rich quickly. Almost all underground organizations dealt with it, but Yun Shen was an arms dealer. He hated people who did drugs and he also forbade anyone in his organization to get involved with drugs.

Now that things between Yun Shen and the Lu family were so intense, his arrest might have been caused by people from the Lu family

Ning Xi was in an awkward position indeed. She decided not to get involved after knowing the relationship between Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao, but it was Annie who was asking her. Annie, who had helped her countless times

"Annie, don't worry. Master is still around. He won't leave him alone... It's really hard for me to be involved. I can only help to take a look at him if he's willing to see me, that is."

The problem was... That guy was such a delicate person. If he rejected seeing anyone at a time like this, then he might not see her too!

Annie was grateful. "Thank you, Bro Xi! Bro Shen will definitely meet you! I'll arrange with Bro Ye now... Oh right, I almost forgot, what did you call me for?"

"Nothing much actually. It's about my cousin. She's having her period today and she had quite a bad reaction. She's having really bad cramps, but she's not willing to go to the hospital. I'm a little nervous"

"This is normal. I expected this. She can only endure through it. I've given her a prescription to counter this situation. You can follow it and make it for her."

"Mmm, I've already made it."

"She just did a full body check and has been recovering well. Let her get a good night's sleep and after she drinks the medicine, she'll be fine."

"Alright, I got it, thank you, Annie!"

Ning Xi was much more at ease after the call with Annie.

After she took the medicine and fell asleep, Ning Xi spent some time on her phone to look through the news. She was accompanying Ning Tianxin when suddenly her phone rang. It was Ling Zhizhi.

Ning Xi picked up the phone. "Hello, Sis Zhizhi?"

"Xiao Xi, are you feeling better now?"

"I'm alright now."

"That's great. Can you come over to the company? There's news... about Director Jiang's movie!" Ling Zhizhi did not tell her the results directly. It seemed like there was something more to it.

"What?" While she prepared herself to bid farewell to this movie, she was alert the moment she heard the about the movie.

Although she had said no, her body was honest

She actually liked the script and genuinely wished that she could get it. Moreover, she could work with Song Lin in this movie.

As Ning Xi looked at the fast-asleep Ning Tianxin, who was already regaining her pallor, she replied, "Alright, Sis Zhizhi. I'll be there right away!"
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