Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633: Get Me Out Of Here Right Now
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"Don't hang up the phone then. I'll remind you when the time comes!" Although Feng Xiaoxiao said that, she just wanted to hide the fact that she wanted to eavesdrop on some juicy stuff.

Ning Xi did not overthink. She also wanted to let them know how troublesome this guy was and that she had tried her best.

Ning Xi went back to the seat without hanging up the call.

"Before I answer you, can you answer something first? Why're you staying inside?" Ning Xi asked.

The man put on a sarcastic smile. "To let you see how your white knight is really like when he carries out his duties."

Ning Xi frowned.

So, did he mean that this was Lu Tingxiao's doing?

"Before we decide on who did this, even if someone from Lu Tingxiao's side is involved, you guys are against each other now, and you've been causing a lot of problems for the Lu Corporation, haven't you?" Ning Xi interrogated.

The man's expression did not change at all. He conversed self-righteously, "So what? I'm not a good person, but I've never hidden that from you before."

Ning Xi was shocked.

What was with this nonsense?

She still could not communicate with him after all

Suddenly, Ning Xi thought of Annie's worrying face, and she forced herself to continue, "All of us are worried about you. If it's about this, there's no need to. Fine, I get it now, I know what he's doing. Is that what you want?"

Feng Xiaoxiao was really anxious on the line. "Little Junior Sister, you can't say that! He's just making excuses up now. Follow the answer I told you just now. Nothing else will work"

Ning Xi hesitated again. How could she really say that?

"You've used up all your chances." The man then turned around and left.

"Hey... You" In her attempt to stop him, she probably got up too quickly and blacked out for a few seconds. She felt dizzy as she tried to stabilize her body, but soon she lost consciousness


There was an odd sound.

The man stopped and turned around to see the girl fell on the ground unexpectedly.

"Ning Xi!" The man rushed towards her, his lazy tone suddenly turning fearful. "Damn it! Don't try anything funny!"

The girl lay on the floor and did not move, her face oddly pale. She was frowning and her breathing was pretty quick and shallow.

"What happened?" Tang Ye asked.

At that moment, the man's expression looked terrible. He roared at the small window connecting through the glass.

"Tang Ye! Get me out of here right now!"

Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao were dumbstruck.

Tang Ye went in with a lawyer.

In just five minutes, they got him out and he was politely invited to leave.

"Where's she?" The man demanded coldly.

Ning Xi had been moved outside by the police staff after she passed out.

"In the car," Tang Ye replied.

"She's in the car already. Don't worry, Annie's here!" Feng Xiaoxiao told him.

The man, who seemed like he was about to stay in the police station forever, was now walking swiftly outside
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