Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1634

Chapter 1634: How Cruel!
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In the backseat of the wide SUV.

Suddenly, the door was opened from the outside and the man got into the car with a terrible expression. He frowned and looked at the girl who was lying down. "What's wrong?"

Annie carefully studied the man before she carefully phrased her words, "I assessed Bro Xi's pulse just now... Bro Xi passed out because she was exhausted and emotionally unstable"

Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao caught up with them. Feng Xiaoxiao turned her head from the front seat in shock. "What the heck!? Emotionally unstable... Exhausted... Boss, what did you do to Little Junior Sister just now?"

It had just been a few minutes, and he had made her tough Little Junior Sister like this. How cruel!

The man stared at the girl's pallid face as he tried to remember what had happened at the police station. He pursed his lips and glared at Feng Xiaoxiao coldly. "Shut up! Do you think she's that weak?"

"Uhh" Feng Xiaoxiao thought about it, then she nodded and mumbled, "You're right... If she's this weak, she would probably have died about a hundred times after arguing with you... Then, what happened? Just what could have caused such an emotional wreckage within her?"

There was a silence in the car for a while, then Tang Ye spoke up, "It might be because of her audition in the morning."

Annie added, "Bro Xi told me that she was going to an audition this morning. Aside from that, she didn't really tell me about anything else. Bro Xi also rushed over right after her audition ended"

So, that was the only possibility.

"Get me her audition video!" Yun Shen said.

Feng Xiaoxiao put on a sly smile. "Boss, that's not very appropriate, is it?"

Yun Shen gave her a cold stare. "Are you very free now? Are you done with your S-rank mission?"

Feng Xiaoxiao's expression looked like she had just eaten poop. "Hmph, I'll go now! I'll go now"

Master had assigned her an S-rank mission three years ago, which was to assassinate an important figure, but that person was too troublesome to deal with, so she could not find an opening to do so for the past three years. Three years! It was such a big humiliation to her!

Damn it! When he fell into her hands, she would make him suffer before killing him!

After Feng Xiaoxiao left out of mortification, the ever-obedient Tang Ye got Yun Shen the video of Ning Xi's audition.

"I've already sent it to your phone."

Yun Shen put on his earphones and played the video.

His expression turned worse and worse as he watched the video. He threw his phone away halfway through the video, then he looked at the girl beside him. He grasped the girl's jaw with his long fingers. "Idiot"

Annie noticed that the man was increasing his grip strength until Ning Xi's chin was turning red, making her feel anxious. "B-Bro Shen, let me send Ning Xi back to rest!"

The man looked at her sternly. "Go to my place."

Annie spoke in fear, "But... Bro Shen... Your place is too scary... Bro Xi will be afraid... She probably can't take it... She needs to rest well"

Annie's voice was getting tinier and tinier as the man's expression became too scary for her.

In the end, a certain someone, who always acted as he wished, never listened to anyone's advice. They brought Ning Xi back to the "haunted house".
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