Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640: Who Could Have Done It
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Xiao Tao was chewing on her lower lip. She could not bring herself to say it.

"Give me your phone," Ning Xi reached her hand out and commanded sternly.

Xiao Tao hesitated, but she knew she could not hide it forever. In the end, she surrendered it to Ning Xi.

Ning Xi saw a news bubble pop up when she unlocked the phone.

A catchy title appeared before her eyes: Golden Film Award Best Female Lead Sex Scandal!

Ning Xi frowned a little. Ever since her debut, news like this happened from time to time, but after Ling Zhizhi sued one of the magazines as a warning, and in addition to Glory World Entertainment's power in the industry, not even infamous and irresponsible media would report stuff like this.

However, this time, the news came from one of the influential media sources.

Judging from the staff members and Xiao Tao's reaction

Ning Xi clicked on it and her pupils shrank.

Numerous photos were exposed. Even if they were censored, the couple's lewd position was still identifiable.

She was not shocked by these pictures, but by the woman's face in this pictures... It was her!

Could it have been Photoshopped?

Still, it did not seem like it

Ning Xi scrolled down and saw that there was even a video. While the video was censored, the faces were clearly seen.

That woman was really her!

The video removed the possibility that the scandal was fabricated and proved that the pictures were real!

According to the news article, the man in the video was a famous, flirtatious, young heir to a rich family.

"Bro Xi... Stop watching it" Xiao Tao said nervously, afraid that Ning Xi would be triggered.

Ning Xi pinched her glabella. She felt forlorn. Even Xiao Tao thought that she was the woman in the video, and the others

This spelled trouble.

Ning Xi was reminded of the incident of the gun swapping when she was filming for "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad". Despite the reach of Lu Tingxiao's power, he still had not found out who could have done it, and now this had happened

So, since they were not able to kill her, were they now aiming to destroy her?

Or perhaps, these cases might be unrelated and this might have been done by another group of people.

She was really attracting a lot of attention lately.

"Ning Xi, the director asked you to go over for a bit!" As Ning Xi was deep in her thoughts, the director's assistant came over and shot her an uneasy look.

"I got it. Thanks."

Ning Xi did not explain anything to Xiao Tao first. She went straight to the director.

Both Jiang Xingzhou and Song Lin were in the room, and the atmosphere was heavy.

"Have you found out about it?" Jiang Xingzhou had a serious expression as he asked straightforwardly.

Ning Xi nodded. She did not look guilty at all as she replied, "Director Jiang, the woman in the video and photos isn't me. I'm sorry to have troubled the crew. I'll contact my manager to solve this issue quickly. I won't affect the filming progress!"

Since Ning Xi had such a scandal at that moment, according to the contract, she would have to pay a huge sum of money because her image was trampled due to personal reasons. While it was a small matter, the important point was that everyone's effort would have been in vain if they had to re-audition and start over again. They would not make it for the film festival, and her whole acting career would be destroyed as well
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