Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641: Your Judgement Is Not That Bad
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On the side, Song Lin had spoken up to break the solemn atmosphere, "Director Jiang, you heard that. I told you it can't be Xiao Xi! This woman in the video just looks very similar to Xiao Xi. She doesn't have any of Xiao Xi's charm and grace. Her expression is stiff, and her figure is clearly not as attractive as Xiao Xi's! No matter if it was Xiao Xi's waist or legs or breasts, her physique is well-proportioned and her body fat ratio is perfect too; no more and no less. You can say she's perfect. On the other hand, the body of the woman in this video is soft. The proportion of her legs are too short too, her boobs..."

"Cough, cough..." Jiang Xingzhou cleared his throat.

Song Lin laughed lightly and innocently tinkled, "Director Jiang, I'm just spelling out the truth."

Even Ning Xi started to perspire hearing her. She could not help but feel embarrassed. Goddess, is this your judgment from your piercing eyes?

She did not expect that her great goddess would have paid much attention to her daily and had even given her such high ratings.

Speaking of figure and faces, Song Lin was the one with true charm. In fact, even as this age, she still maintained her physique perfectly.

"Okay, I'm relieved that it isn't you. I hope you can handle this matter well. If this affects the filming crew in any way, I won't bend the law to favor you!" Jiang Xingzhou responded with a sunken expression.

Even though Jiang Xingzhou's tone sounded like it was hostile, in reality, his attitude already indicated that he was on her side. After all, he had chosen to believe her.

"Yes, I got it. Thank you, Director!" Ning Xi exclaimed.

She had just walked out from Director Jiang's vicinity when Ning Xi saw that Ling Zhizhi was waiting outside, looking travel-worn. From the looks of it, she had rushed over immediately.

"Sis Zhizhi, why are you here? I was about to make my way back!"

"There's no need. Don't affect your shoot."

Ning Xi was stunned for a moment. Did Sis Zhizhi mean that...

"Let's go. Let's discuss how we're going to clear the air on this," Ling Zhizhi said frankly.

Ning Xi had swallowed all of the things she initially wanted to explain. She blinked in surprise. "Sis Zhizhi, you know it's not me?"

Ling Zhizhi replied, "Your judgment isn't that bad."

Ning Xi coughed profusely.

She suddenly remembered that back then, she had rather coolly told Ling Zhizhi that in the entire circle, the only man she would fancy was their Big Boss, Lu Tingxiao...

At that time, she had just said it on a whim. Who would have thought that Ling Zhizhi would still remember?

Inside the room.

Xiao Tao stared at the video and replayed it almost a hundred times. She was about to get cross-eyed. "Dang! I knew it! Even if my Bro Xi wanted to choose a man, she'd at least choose someone of Second Master Lu's rank! I was worked up for so long but it isn't even Bro Xi! But... this... this is really similar! She practically looks exactly the same as Bro Xi!"

Indeed, it was very similar.

Anyone who was not extremely familiar with Ning Xi or knew her well would definitely think that person was Ning Xi. After all, even Xiao Tao, who was so close to her, had not recognized that it was not her.

This was also the thorniest problem.

Because the woman was so similar to her, even if she had declared that the person in the video was not her, with the circumstances of having no evidence to prove her innocence, no one would believe her.

"There is one possibility, which is this person just naturally looks like you. The possibility of this is very minute. There is another possibility, that is someone intentionally had plastic surgery to look like you. However, the recovery time for plastic surgery would take over a year at most, and two to three months at least. Besides, to go for a surgery to such an extent would definitely have taken some time... This means that this person has been preparing to plot something against you from a very long time ago," analyzed Ling Zhizhi.

On the side, Xiao Tao was dumbstruck by what she heard. It was a long time before she came back to her senses. "This... This is too scary!"
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