Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1642

Chapter 1642: A Warm and Gentle Sensation Planted On Her Forehead
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Ling Zhizhi frowned. "Now, all your fans are defending you online. It isn't like the last time. Just one sex scandal is enough to destroy a female star. As long as it doesn't involve morality issues such as being the other woman, this kind of scandal can only be considered as your privacy being maliciously exposed. It'll definitely affect your image, but it won't be enough to ruin you... Then again, the problem is that the other person clearly came prepared. There's no way they would just release a video and leave it as simple as that!"

The corner of Ning Xi's mouth pulled down. "She's gone through great difficulty for a plastic surgery to look like me and has waited for so long. How could they be satisfied if they didn't cause a huge ruckus?"

She was afraid that this video was still just the prologue...

The three of them had unknowingly discussed late into the night.

Indeed, sooner than they had expected when it was close to midnight, Xiao Tao, who had been scrolling for the latest news, suddenly cried out in alarm, "Oh no, Bro Xi, Sis Zhizhi! There's a new video up!"

Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi looked over to see. The other person had exposed a new video. In fact, the content of this video was even more shocking. That woman was bedding three men at the same time, two of whom were married men...

This time, their only chance of whitewashing might have very well evaporated.

The thing they were worried most about had still happened. Ling Zhizhi looked appalled. "Now, the only way to prove your innocence is to find that woman as soon as possible! But they came prepared and definitely won't let us find her easily. If we don't clarify everything effectively soon, once too much time has passed, what is false will only turn into truth..."

When that happened, it would really be over...

"Even if it's the company's Public Relations team, finding someone who has premeditated motives and is deliberately hiding their tracks will still be no different from finding a needle in a haystack!"

"Then... Then, can we ask... the people from the parent company to help?" Xiao Tao asked, in a loss.

Ling Zhizhi smiled bitterly when she heard her. "How's that possible? The Lu Corporation has been in a tense state of affairs recently. Even Second Master has been transferred back to the parent company. Glory World Entertainment is just one of the Lu Corporation's many subsidiaries. They won't startle the parent company for an artiste."

Ning Xi was stroking her phone and pondering to herself. Finding that person would indeed prove to be hard, but it was not entirely impossible as long as she used her old connections...

However, unless she had hit a dead end, she was not willing to use her connections from that side.

Then again, based on the current situation, she was now backed into a corner.

"Sis Zhizhi, don't worry. I have some connections from back when I was in America. Maybe they can be of help..."

Ning Xi had not finished her sentence when at that moment, someone had suddenly pushed open the door of the little wooden house from outside. The lean shadow of a travel-worn man, who still seemed handsome and bursting with life with an attractiveness index that could make one's adrenaline spike, had instantly appeared at the door...

Because the folk in the village were simpletons all the doors had no locks on them.

The person who came seemed to have just rushed over from some formal occassion as he wore a meticulous black formal outfit. His shirt was buttoned all the way up and his tie was well-ironed. His face had a towering, murderous air that belonged to only the top leaders of the world...

"Uhh... Boss..."

Ning Xi was just about to cover up and call him "Boss" when a long arm suddenly drew her closer, making her roll over into his cold embrace. Then, there was a warm and gentle sensation planted on her forehead...

Ning Xi's brain crashed. She was stupefied on the spot...

What the heck!?

What's going on, my Big Boss, my dearest darling!?

Bloody hell! Sis Zhizhi and Xiao Tao are still here!
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