Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1643

Chapter 1643: Lady Boss Is Right Beside
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Ning Xi subconsciously reached out to touch her forehead that had just been pecked with a kiss. Her eyes widened and she looked to her superior, Ling Zhizhi, and her assistant, Xiao Tao...


These two people have now turned into stone...

As calm as Ling Zhizhi was, she was now standing stiffly right there, what more Xiao Tao. The way they looked could be compared to the horrified expression in the famous painting, "The Scream".

Ning Xi was planning to give a final struggle, yet the devil had just leaned over and his warm lips lovingly met hers.

Ning Xi was speechless.

Darling, this house... There are still people...

There are still other people around. Hello...

She was not sure whether she was having illusions, but she suddenly felt like Lu Tingxiao's current state was a little... unusual...

What had happened?

To avoid the devil from doing anything unexpected when she was not noticing again, Ning Xi quickly shifted his focus. "You... Why are you here?"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "If I don't come, are you going to forget that you're someone with a boyfriend?"


This tone of his sounded incredibly resentful...

Probably because he had heard what she had said earlier.

She knew that he was busy and she did not want him to be distracted!

Ning Xi reflexively looked towards Xiao Tao and Ling Zhizhi again. There was no question about it. With the devil's "boyfriend", both their views on the world, life, and values had crumbled into dust and were then reorganized again.

"Ah! Ah, ah, ah!" Xiao Tao's abilities to swallow this confounding phenomenon had reached its breaking point. She could not help but cry out loudly, though very quickly, she covered her mouth to avoid startling other people. After all, the soundproofing there was not that great.

Oh my God, oh my God! What did she see and what had she just heard?! Was she dreaming?! She must be dreaming! She saw the Big Boss hug Bro Xi. She even saw the Big Boss kiss Bro Xi! She even heard that the Big Boss say he was Bro Xi's boyfriend. Ah, ah, ah!

The Big Boss's legendary girlfriend, who was said to be incredibly mysterious, so mysterious that she was titled the entertainment industry's number one unsolved mystery...

Their future lady boss had actually... actually always been by her side!

It was actually her Bro Xi!

Poor Xiao Tao was shocked to kingdom come by this news...

Ling Zhizhi took a deep breath. She used all of her laidbackness from the day she entered this industry to calm herself down again before she gawked at this big boss of hers who had appeared late at night like a god descending. "CEO Lu... You..."

Great... She could not even calm down at all!

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao with a headache, then at Ling Zhizhi again.

Her and Lu Tingxiao's relationship had been exposed too abruptly. All of a sudden, she did not know how to explain it to Ling Zhizhi at all.

Ning Xi took a long while before she slowly summoned up the courage to say, "Sis Zhizhi, I'm sorry... You told me right from the start that I can't date. I went against my promise to you back then."

Ling Zhizhi did not know how to answer her.

Now, the point was clearly not that she had been secretly in a relationship. It was that her boyfriend was unexpectedly...

At this moment, Ling Zhizhi had recollections from the start to the end of all the things that had happened since she took over managing Ning Xi. From when Lu Jingli had personally hired her, to when the Lu Corporation's number one lawyer, Chen Jing, had personally settled Ning Xi's contract dispute with Starlight, to that dance at the company's anniversary celebration...

Now that she thought about it, this relationship was not exactly without a trace.

Nonetheless, this girl was too good at keeping it a secret. Not one drop had leaked out. If Lu Tingxiao had not intentionally exposed it himself today, she would not have realized at all...
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