Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644: Uncontrollable Kiss
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Ling Zhizhi really could not bring herself to say that she blamed Ning Xi for anything.

This girl had even hidden it from her. Forget about anyone else. She had been in a relationship with Lu Tingxiao for at least half a year now, but it had not affected her work at all. She had never even used her relationship with Lu Tingxiao to rise to stardom.

"Miss Ling, thank you for taking care of Xiao Xi all this time."

Ling Zhizhi returned to her senses and she quickly responded, "CEO Lu, your words lend weight. This is my duty."

"As for my relationship with Xiao Xi, I'll respect her opinion and not affect her work. I promised her right from the start that I won't interject on any matters related to her work." When he reached this point, Lu Tingxiao suddenly changed the topic. "However, this matter started because of me, so I will settle it. I hope you understand."

On the side, Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao in shock. This had happened because of him? What did he mean?

Ling Zhizhi was slightly suspicious as well, but she did not question further. She let out a sigh of relief and said, "This matter is indeed very tricky. I'm worried sick about it too. If you can help resolve it, that would obviously be best, CEO Lu"

Ling Zhizhi finished, then she looked at the duo in front of her. She wanted to say something but she stopped. Her expression was one of worry.

As if Lu Tingxiao knew what she was thinking, he added on, "The pre-condition of Ning Xi and I getting together was marriage. Basically, as long as she gives the green light, I can immediately go and get a marriage certificate with her. Miss Ling, don't you worry. Xiao Xi has promised me that when she's reached the pinnacle of the entertainment industry, she'll agree to marry me, so I've got to trouble the both of you."

In other words, whether or not he will be able to marry his wife would be up to the two of them.

Ling Zhizhi and Xiao Tao were speechless.

These words undoubtedly shocked Ling Zhizhi and Xiao Tao to the core again.

This... This is immense pressure, Boss!

Ning Xi buried her face in her hands. At her last straw, she lowered her voice to say to Lu Tingxiao, "That's enough! Don't frighten my manager and assistant anymore..."

When he saw that his wife was about to get angry, Lu Tingxiao finally obediently stopped. "Mmm."

Ling Zhizhi and Xiao Tao had very knowingly not stayed longer. After some small talk, they quickly left.

Ning Xi was now full of questions that she wanted to ask Lu Tingxiao, so she waited for Ling Zhizhi and Xiao Tao to leave before she quickly turned to Lu Tingxiao to ask, "Hey... Lu... Mmm..."

However, just as she opened her mouth, it was sealed with a fiery kiss.

Unlike the patient and consoling kiss earlier, the man now gripped her by the waist as his palm cupped the back of her head. He was recklessly plundering her mouth.

Ning Xi felt the air in her chest dwindle and her head was dizzy. Her tongue was being sucked numb as if her soul was about to be swallowed...

There was a sudden twinge of pain on her lips and Ning Xi reflexively made a sound in protest.

The man's actions started to be slightly gentler, but it was only momentary. Very soon, he could not control himself and had increased in force...

Lu Tingxiao's actions today were indeed a little strange. Even if there was some kind of emergency, based on his personality, he would still discuss with her and not suddenly expose them in front of Ling Zhizhi.

In fact, it was almost as if the second Ling Zhizhi and Xiao Tao left, Ning Xi clearly felt that deliberately suppressed gloom, ruthlessness, and... all sorts of intense feelings of irritation and unease within him. They had erupted all at once, wreaking havoc in this cramped little house...

Did something happen?
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