Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655: Devote Her Life
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In the room of a certain private club.

When she saw the noble and frigidly arrogant man, a peculiar shine glowed in Su Yimo's eyes. "Mr. Lu... I..."

"Cut the crap! You're looking at the Boss himself now, so just explain who's the person manipulating you from behind the scenes!" Liang Feixing urged as he was afraid that his Boss would be unhappy confronting this face.

"I don't know who they are, he's always hidden his identity when contacting me, but I was really under duress! That person even threatened that if I didn't listen to their orders, they'd kill me! He forced me to get plastic surgery, and even made me do those things to frame Ning Xi!" Su Yimo stared at Lu Tingxiao, insisting that she had not done it voluntarily. She looked sorrowful and exploited, indicating that she was a victim of the circumstances too.

From the side, Liang Feixing observed this woman that had the tear-stained face of a beauty. He could not help but roll his eyes. Forced? Even if there was someone pulling strings from behind the scenes, she must have played a part in the entire plot as well!

This woman clearly wished for Ning Xi to have her reputation swept away, and probably even wanted to use this face to seduce the Boss. She was probably more than thrilled to collaborate with the other party!

If it were something that even he could understand, his Boss could obviously distinguish it too. Only this dumb woman still dared to spew foolish words and even use that dreamy gaze to look at the Boss.

When he finished listening to Su Yimo's justification, Lu Tingxiao raised his hand. Very soon, someone escorted Su Yimo out.

Su Yimo was in disbelief when she saw what was happening. He had not even faced her directly, let alone utter a single word to her.

"Mr. Lu... Mr. Lu... Everything I said was true..."

Su Yimo's voice faded outside the door. Liang Feixing inched closer to probe, "Boss, do we need to use any special measures to investigate her further?"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "No."

It was obvious that Su Yimo did not know anything. Since the other party had dared to go to such an extent, they would not have left any loopholes and clues on Su Yimo's end.

Liang Feixing had thought of this too. His expression was solemn as he said, "There's nothing we can find out from Su Yimo. That reporter also claimed that he was just acting for the sake of money. What do we do now? Could Su Yimo be directing and acting by herself, and that there isn't even anybody making her their puppet?"

"You can go back now. I'll appoint someone to investigate this matter," dismissed Lu Tingxiao.

"Oh, oh, understood. I'll focus on looking after Lady Boss!" Liang Feixing nodded, then he said, "Boss, don't you worry. With the things Su Yimo has done to frame, slander, and disseminate explicit media along with other numerous crimes, she'll be behind bars for at least three to five years. For that face of hers to have healed to that extent in such a short amount of time would definitely have required accelerated surgical methods. It'll be ruined and won't be able to last past half a year..."

"Let her go," Lu Tingxiao suddenly commanded.

When Liang Feixing heard his Boss, he was dumbfounded. What?! Let her go?

Could the Boss have bent his will for the sake of that face?

Gah! How could the Boss be someone who lost his head over lust? Even if he was, he would only lose his head for the Lady Boss!

"Boss, are you thinking of... luring a snake out of its hole?"


In City D.

This press conference was probably the most relaxed one that Ning Xi had ever attended. It was over without her even saying anything throughout.

"Sis Lin, thank you so much this time around!" On the way back, Ning Xi could not stop gushing.

Song Lin looked at the girl's appreciative face. Despite not having any makeup on, and even having deliberately exposed herself to the sun for the film, hence making her skin be in a poorer condition, she still looked charming. "No need to thank me. I didn't discover the clue. Everything I did was just a very slight effort."

"Well, I'd still need to thank you for being willing to appear for me! Thank you!"

People in the entertainment industry usually preferred to avoid unnecessary trouble. Who would be willing to get involved in such things? Furthermore, for someone of Song Lin's stature, she could have completely stayed out of it.

Ever since she had gotten to know Song Lin, she felt that the woman was incredibly caring towards her to an extent that she actually felt a little overwhelmed!

If she were a man, she would probably have devoted her life to this goddess!
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