Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662: Helping In Secret
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The henchman replied, "I was patrolling when I saw a person by the door. I looked closely and realized it was Hei Long"

Yun Shen squinted his eyes. "You mean... Hei Long appeared there on his own?"


"Did someone from our side take action?"

The henchman grimaced a little. "I thought it was someone from our side who did it too, but after my investigation, everyone gave up after your orders from the last time. Therefore, there shouldn't be anyone who'd have done it on their own. Boss, do you think Hei Long escaped on his own?"

Yun Shen glanced over. "Escaped on his own? You want to try it out yourself?"

"Uhh" The henchmen were afraid and they stopped talking.

Even Feng Xiaoxiao failed to rescue Hei Long from the place he was detained. She had even almost lost her life. Hei Long looked really exhausted, so it was impossible for him to escape on his own.

"Where's he?" Yun Shen asked.

"Upstairs. He's still unconscious."

"Let me know the moment he's awake."

"Got it!"

Yun Shen tilted his head and looked at the quiet Tang Ye. He slung his arm over his shoulder. "Ye, what are you thinking about?"

Tang Ye came back to his senses and spoke, "I feel like something is odd. It's impossible for Hei Long to escape on his own, but it's not our people who rescued him. This means"

"Someone's helping us in secret?" He naturally led up to the same conclusion.

Tang Ye looked at the henchman who had found Hei Long. "Get someone to investigate if there's any reaction from Lu Tingxiao's side."

"Got it!"

Soon, news came back.

"Boss, Bro Ye, we've looked into it. An anonymous person forcefully broke in and took Hei Long away from Lu Tingxiao's place. There were no traces left. Even Lu Tingxiao doesn't know who did it. They probably thought we did it!" The henchman replied.

"Forcefully broke in?" Yun Shen dragged out.

Tang Ye's expression changed. The detaining location was inundated with numerous traps, not just anyone could break through it. One would simply need the knowledge of solving traps and extremely rich experience.

Tang Ye said in a deep voice, "What we can be sure about is that someone is helping us in the dark. There are two possibilities of who this person is. One, this person is on another level above Xiaoxiao. The people whom I know under this category won't help us without a good reason. Two, there's a traitor among Lu Tingxiao's people who helped us to get Hei Long out."

Yun Shen stroked his chin. "Huh, things are getting more interesting"

"Boss, Hei Long's woken up!" Suddenly, someone rushed in and reported.

Inside one of the room upstairs.

The man was struggling to get up when he saw Tang Ye and Yun Shen. "Boss, Bro Ye"

Tang Ye put his hand on the man's shoulder gently. "Lie down. We just have something to ask you. Who rescued you?"

Hei Long was taken aback. "It wasn't you guys who sent someone for me?"

"You didn't see who rescued you?" Tang Ye frowned.

Hei Long tried to remember. "I remember I was sleeping at that time, then I realized someone was closing in. Before I could see who was it, I lost consciousness and when I woke up, I was already here"
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