Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664: Cute Little Grandson
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The little bun was very adorable today. His face was a little red. Furthermore, the way he called "Grandfather, Grandmother" just melted their hearts. They would not hesitate to pick out the stars from the sky if he asked for it.

"Little Treasure, come over to Grandfather!" Lu Chongshan's expression turned from angry to happy the instant he saw his grandson.

"I want a hug from Grandfather!" The little guy opened his arms wide as he walked over to his grandfather.

Lu Chongshan was overjoyed as he held the little guy in his arms. "Okay, hugs for you!"

"Grandfather, Father is coming over to pick me up later. It's been a long time since I've been with Father, but don't you worry. I'll be back to accompany you soon. Don't miss me too much!" The little guy was chatting to his grandfather like he was the adult.

Lu Chongshan felt really content. "Alright, you're such a good child!"

Yan Ruyi was speechless by her husband's transformation and she coughed lightly to remind him.

Who had been the one in a rush just now? He forgot about everything when he saw Little Treasure

Lu Chongshan came back to his senses, then he hemmed awkwardly as he looked at his dear grandson and asked gently, "Little Treasure, are you done picking from the list already? We have to finalize it within this month!"

Little Treasure's mind was working fast. He knew that his plan to delay had come to an end. He could start the next phase now, so he nodded, "Alright, Grandfather, I'll be quick. I'll be done in the next few days!"

Lu Chongshan let out a sigh of relief. "That's great, that's great"

His cute grandson was the best!

Little Treasure went to his grandmother and held onto her hands before he asked with a serious expression, "Grandmother, what kind of daughter-in-law do you like? I, Little Treasure, will surely pick someone nice and filial, so she can take care of Grandmother with me!"

Yan Ruyi was really touched by his words. "Good boy, thank you very much'

As Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan were talking to their grandson, Lu Chongshan caught a glance of his own son at the door and his expression darkened.

"You're here."

Lu Tingxiao saw that his son had dealt with both the elders well. "Mm-hmm, I'm here to get Little Treasure."

Lu Chongshan's expression turned dour. It was obvious that they were going to see that woman, but he did not point it out to avoid making Little Treasure unhappy.

"Do you know about what Song Lin's done already?" Lu Chongshan asked.

"Yes." Lu Tingxiao had zero expression on his face, making Lu Chongshan feel like he had punched cotton.

He wanted to avoid fighting in front of Little Treasure, so he stopped talking. "Go now, be careful!"

"Goodbye, Grandfather. Goodbye, Grandmother!"

"Alright, goodbye, Little Treasure!"

"Be careful!"

In the car, Little Treasure switched from cute grandson mode to his usual cool mode.

"Where's Mommy?" As expected, his first question was about his mother.

"At your aunt's place. We'll go to the airport to send her off first," replied Lu Tingxiao.

"Mmm." The little bun nodded and never said anything else. He was busy working on something on his phone.
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