Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675: What's Wrong With Little Treasure
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Did she not boast about her culinary prowess? How could she not know how to make tanghulu?

He remembered that Ning Xi seemed to have made it for Little Treasure before, and Little Treasure had even sent quite a fair bit to the old residence. Those tanghulu were made into all sorts of shapes, and had been pretty and yummy. It was much better than those bought from outside...

As they watched the fourth one about to be eliminated too, Little Treasure's expression suddenly changed.

The little guy reached out his small hands to hold onto his stomach, his face revealing a pained expression.

When Yan Ruyi saw that something was wrong with Little Treasure, she quickly rushed over. "Little Treasure, what's wrong?"


"How could it be nothing?! Your little face is all pale now!' Yan Ruyi was worried.

"It's okay, Grandmother. My stomach's just hurting a little..." Little Treasure consoled, yet in just a short amount of time, his fair forehead had broken out into a cold sweat.

"He was just fine earlier. Why is his stomach suddenly hurting? Xing Wu! Get the car ready! Quickly get ready to speed to the hospital!"

The butler hesitated. "Then, all the ladies outside..."

"Dismiss them!" When they saw Little Treasure suffering from the pain and had even started to vomit as his body jerked, the two elders began to panic and did not care about anything else.

Lu Jingli frowned. He quickly carried Little Treasure and took quick, long strides towards the door.


At Imperial Hospital.

Little Treasure was sent to the emergency room. Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were anxiously pacing around in circles outside while Lu Jingli had quickly informed his brother and Ning Xi.

"Father, Mother, don't be too worried. Based on Little Treasure's reaction, he's probably just having a bit of a stomachache," Lu Jingli was still consoling them when the doctor finally came out.

The two elders hurried to the doctor to ask, "Doctor, how's the child?"

"Please don't worry. He's okay now," answered the doctor.

When Yan Ruyi heard the report, she finally caught up with her breath. "What actually happened? Why did the child suddenly become like this?"

As they were questioning the doctor, the sound of urgent footsteps came from behind. Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi had rushed over.

"Where's Little Treasure? How's Little Treasure?" In Ning Xi's eyes was only the little guy on the sickbed. She ran straight up to him and held onto Little Treasure's hand.

The little guy was ashen. His lips had cracked from dehydration, making Ning Xi's heart ache as if it had been pierced by a needle.

"What going on?" Lu Tingxiao asked in a low voice.

The doctor handed them a test report. "We've tested the child's vomit and we found a certain poison in his food, which causes symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and so on."

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi's expressions changed. Lu Jingli was a little shocked while Lu Tingxiao's emotions could not be read.

"What? Food poisoning? How could that be!? Little Treasure's diet has been...," Yan Ruyi spoke as her brows furrowed, "Apart from having dinner at home these past few days, Little Treasure has been having breakfast and lunch prepared by that girl. After Jingli brought Little Treasure back this afternoon, he didn't eat anything. He didn't even drink anything before we began..."

This meant that Little Treasure had only eaten food that Ning Xi had prepared that day.

Suddenly, Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan swiveled towards Ning Xi.

All of Ning Xi's attention was on the little bun. Her focus only shifted when she heard this.

What? Little Treasure had food poisoning? In fact, based on what Yan Ruyi said, Little Treasure had only eaten the food she had cooked that day...

Lu Chongshan was hyperventilating. "Tingxiao, you consider how to handle this by yourself!"

Lu Tingxiao said expressionlessly, "Handle what?"
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