Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682: Spectator
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"Of course, I believe in Tingxiao," replied Guan Ziyao.

Yan Ruyi nodded confidently. She thought about something, then said, "But, well, I still feel a little uneasy, so I'm going to Fahua Temple this weekend together with your Uncle Lu and Little Treasure! I wonder if you have time to join us?"

She wanted to create more chances for her to spend time with Little Treasure, and together with the elders, it was a big recognition of her identity.

Guan Ziyao and Mother Guan looked at each other and bobbed their heads up and down. "I do have time, Aunty Lu. I don't have to go to the company on weekends, so I'm free."

"Great!" Yan Ruyi smiled, then she chatted with Guan Ziyao for a long time.

A short while after Yan Ruyi left, Guan Rui came back.


"You're back!" Mother Guan went over and took Guan Rui's jacket for him.

"I heard your Aunty Lu came over today?" Guan Rui asked his daughter.

Guan Ziyao answered, "Mmm, she came over in the evening and just left not very long ago."

"What did she say?"

Mother Guan poured her husband a cup of tea, looking disgruntled. "What else? She's here to give us a treat! With the Lu family in dire straits, of course, she would be impatient! Also... are you sure it's alright for us to stand by Lu Tingxiao's side at this moment? I heard that the illegitimate child now has more shares than Lu Tingxiao!"

"Hmph, that's a naive opinion. Shares aren't absolute. Lu Tingxiao's strongest weapon is his reputation in the Lu Corporation. Moreover, apart from his power on the surface, Lu Tingxiao has a lot of underground forces that we can't see," Guan Rui said.

"That's right. Also, Lu Tingxiao is the legitimate eldest son of the family. That man is just an illegitimate child who can't show his face," said Guan Ziyao.

"So, you both mean that Lu Tingxiao will surely win?" Mother Guan asked.

Guan Rui looked at her in the eye. "Of course not! That illegitimate child was able to build his fortune in just a few months after he came back. Do you think he's just a normal person? His background might be even more terrifying than Lu Tingxiao's, but he does not have a solid base here. He'll be a powerful foe if he continues to grow. I don't know if Lu Tingxiao can defeat him!"

Mother Guan became anxious. "Then, you still want Ziyao to marry into the Lu family? What if"

Guan Ziyao frowned.

Guan Rui said in a carefree tone, "Since when did I mention that I'll let Ziyao marry him? Why are you so impatient? We'll just watch the show for now!"

Mother Guan was a little taken aback at first, then she understood the whole plan. "I got it!"

"Yan Ruyi invited Ziyao to visit Fahua Temple this weekend. Should she go?" Mother Guan asked another question.

"Sure, why not? It's not a serious matter."

Guan Rui's intention was obvious. He wanted to give the Lu family some bait, then act based on the situation since they had never promised anything anyway.

Light bounced off Guan Ziyao's sparkling eyes. In the end, she never said anything and obeyed her father's arrangement.

The next day was also the fifth day since Lu Tingxiao had made the deal with Lu Chongshan. The situation had intensified.

Lu Tingxiao was pushed into a corner, and the people who were supportive of him now started to be shaken as they realized that the illegitimate child was extremely cruel. If they did not change sides soon, the people who still supported Lu Tingxiao would be his next target after he shifted into a position of power!
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