Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683: Sorry, Mother
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However, Lu Tingxiao had been accumulating power for so long after all. They were not Lu Chongming who had been exiled and abandoned to despair or Song Lin who was all alone in the world. They did not have the nerves of Chi Chengkai and Liang Deyun to change sides at this moment. The fate of those traitors five years ago was still fresh in their memories. This dilemma put them in a sufferable entanglement.

Sigh, things like an illegitimate child were the main culprit of bringing chaos to rich and powerful families. Even the Lu family could not escape it...

In the blink of an eye, it was already the sixth day.

It was the weekend. Yan Ruyi had already planned the day before for the entire family to go to the temple for prayers.

Initially, she wanted to call Tingxiao and Jingli along too, but with the condition of the company. The two of them were incredibly busy as they ran around. They definitely would not have the time and as their elders, they could help with carrying out such spiritual obligations.

These past few days, Little Treasure had recovered well. When Lu Chongshan heard that she had gone to the Guan residence and that Guan Ziyao would come along for the weekend, he felt much calmer.

The sun shone brightly outside the window. The weather was pretty good today and it was a suitable day for a trip out.

Early in the morning, Yan Ruyi had woken up to get ready. She had particularly ordered the kitchen to prepare Dana [1] vegetarian dishes.

Guan Ziyao had arrived very early too. She was sitting on the sofa and chatting with Little Treasure, who did not deliberately make things difficult for her either, but it was clear that he was acting distant.

When Yan Ruyi walked out from the kitchen and saw Little Treasure's eyes looking outside fixated, she asked suspiciously, "Little Treasure, what are you looking at?"

"Nothing," said Little Treasure as he retrieved his gaze.

When all the preparations were done, Yan Ruyi, Lu Chongshan, and Guan Ziyao, all of them left the house together with Little Treasure.

After they left, Little Treasure pursed his thin lips and looked in the distance far away. He seemed upset. When Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan asked him questions, the little guy was obviously distracted.

When they were about to get into the car, there was suddenly a screech like a car braking. A white race car had drifted to stop outside the old residence.

Very soon, a girl quickly pushed open the door to get down from the car, then she ran worriedly towards Little Treasure, quickly bringing him into her embrace. "Little Treasure!"

"Mommy!" When the little guy saw Ning Xi, his face which had been tense the entire morning instantly blossomed with a huge smile.

Ning Xi sized him up carefully, then there was a suspicion across her face. "Baby, where are you hurting? Where do you feel ill?"

Little Treasure blinked a little guiltily. He looked down and said softly, "Mommy, sorry... Little Treasure lied to you... Little Treasure is fine... not hurting anywhere... not feeling ill anywhere either..."

"It's okay if you're fine. It's okay..." Ning Xi's first reaction was to puff out a sigh of relief, then she had the remaining energy to study the three people behind Little Treasure with different expressions on all of their faces.

One look and Ning Xi could already guess why Little Treasure had lied for her to come over.

Little Treasure held onto Ning Xi's hand tightly. He walked up to Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi. He said, "Grandfather, you promised me. You taught me that men must keep their word!"

When Lu Chongshan saw that Ning Xi had unexpectedly come over today to disrupt things, he was filled with anger, yet Little Treasure's few words suddenly made him tongue-tied.

He did promise Tingxiao to give Ning Xi a chance, but how did Little Treasure know about this?

That punk! He only knew how to use Little Treasure against him!

Lu Chongshan's brows furrowed. He looked at his dearest grandson's determined expression, knowing that if he was too tough, he would definitely hurt Little Treasure. He was afraid that today's matter had fallen through too. Besides, it was inauspicious to delay praying for blessings.
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