Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684: Mommy Only Likes You
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As Guan Ziyao watched the way Little Treasure was so protective over Ning Xi and had even secretly contacted Ning Xi, the fingers by her side suddenly turned rigid. She took a deep breath and said in an easy manner, "Uncle Lu, Aunty Lu, just let Ning Xi come with us! It's okay to have one more person!"

She was completely taking on the tone of a hostess.

Lu Chongshan's glare at Ning Xi was filled with warning. "Let's go together then."

He looked towards Little Treasure with love-filled eyes. "Little Treasure, how's this? Of course, Grandfather will keep his promise!"

Little Treasure nodded. Now, he was happy, but then he looked nervously at Ning Xi, "Mommy, I'm sorry, Little Treasure knows he's wrong. Mommy, is it okay if you come along?"

No matter how Lu Chongshan, Yan Ruyi, or Guan Ziyao's attitudes were, Ning Xi did not care at all. She only cared about Little Treasure.

At that moment, as she looked at the little guy. Ning Xi was helpless. There was no way she could reject any of her baby's requests. "Okay, Mommy will go with you! But you can't do this again the next time. Do you know how worried I was?"

"Understood, Mommy! Mommy, you're the best!" Little Treasure's coquettish ways were getting to the point of perfection that Ning Xi could not help but beam at him.

Ning Xi claiming herself to be his mother was entirely out of habit, yet to Guan Ziyao's ears, it was a kind of provocation. Her gaze had suddenly turned much colder.

After the short change in plans, the five of them got into the car and drove towards Fahua Temple.

The extra long Lincoln was very spacious. Little Treasure, Ning Xi and Lu Chongshan sat on one side, while Guan Ziyao and Yan Ruyi sat opposite them.

Because Ning Xi had rushed over, she did not manage to disguise herself. Because he knew she would worry about it, Little Treasure had already taken out a mask, a pair of sunglasses, and even a wig from his little bag like he was a Doraemon character.

Ning Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Naughty little one, you've been planning this in advance!"

"This aspect of being a celebrity is so inconvenient. It's so troublesome to just go out," commented Guan Ziyao opposite her. She looked as if she did not intentionally mean to complain, but was just reminding Ning Xi of her profession and identity.

Indeed, the moment she said that, Lu Chongshan frowned.

"Mmm, it really is troublesome!" The little bun looked serious as he nodded in agreement.

Guan Ziyao was happy when she heard that. In the next second, she saw Little Treasure shuffle closer into Ning Xi's embrace and he looked up lamentably to mutter, "I hate that so many people like Mommy! Mommy is mine alone!"

The little guy then he winked to his mother to say wordlessly: "Mommy, don't worry. Father isn't here, so I'll protect Mommy on behalf of him!"

Ning Xi looked at Little Treasure's protective stance and felt moved yet amused. She touched his nose lightly. "So what? No matter how many people like Mommy, Mommy only likes you!"

Little Treasure instantly smiled brighter than the sunshine outside the car window.

Lu Chongshan snorted on the inside. Those were just flowery but insincere words even though this scene before his eyes was one that he hoped to see the most...

He hoped to see someone to take care of Little Treasure, to talk to him and make him happy...

But why did it have to be this woman of all people?

There were turbulent undercurrents all the way before they finally reached Fahua Temple.

The temple courtyard was covered densely with old trees. It was very peaceful, and one step in could make one feel as if their hearts had settled down.

The last time she came here was when Xi Shiqing had wanted to become a monk and she had gone over to stop him.

Master Xuan Jing had even told her fortune. At last, he gave her a peach blossom, hinting that she would have romantic misfortunes...
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