Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1686

Chapter 1686: Definitely Not Normal People
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Ahh!" Yan Ruyi and Guan Ziyao were screaming.

Ning Xi checked on Little Treasure. In just a blink of an eye, the car door opened and a dark silhouette swiftly grabbed the fast asleep Little Treasure away from the panicked Yan Ruyi.

Tears filled Ning Xi's eyes as she jumped towards Yan Ruyi's direction at top speed, yet she could only reach Little Treasure's shirt.

"Oh... my God! Little Treasure!" Yan Ruyi came back to her senses and screamed in despair.

Ning Xi caught up with the abductor and fought with him. She felt worried after they exchanged blows. These were professional mercenaries and definitely not normal people!

She was being careful as the person had Little Treasure, so the confrontation turned into a stalemate.

She was feeling nervous as too many things had happened lately. She had been training by herself and was now powered up to her top form since Little Treasure was involved this time. As she was about to grab Little Treasure back, another person suddenly attacked her from the side. Each and every blow aimed to kill her.

The opponent was a man and had the advantage of strength. He unleashed a high kick packed with immeasurable power. If it landed on her temples, passing out would be the most fortunate situation. This guy might even kill a person with that kick.

Yan Ruyi reactively screamed when she saw what was happening.

As the fatal blow was about to land, Ning Xi used both her hands and caught the man's ankle to reduce the impact force. Then, using her hands like sharp blades, she twisted the man's foot 360 degrees around, forcing him to the ground before she stomped on his abdomen.

"Argh!" The man groaned painfully and was rolling on the ground.

Ning Xi had no time to mess with him any longer. She tried to catch up to the other man.

"Damn!" The man with Little Treasure cursed, his eyes filled with bloodlust. He had a ferocious expression on his face. "Stop! If you dare"

Before he could finish his sentence, Ning Xi had already closed in like a ghost. He suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from his elbow and knee at the same time. The man knelt down in pain

Ning Xi took the chance and grabbed Little Treasure, quickly running towards the direction of the car behind her.

She was only a few steps away from the car when two mercenaries caught up to her. One of them grabbed onto Ning Xi's shoulder with his claw-like hand and stopped her.

She could not move forward. Just as Little Treasure was about to be snatched away again, she saw Guan Ziyao was closest to her, right beside the driver's seat. Ning Xi decisively handed Little Treasure over to Guan Ziyao and yelled, "Drive! Go!"

She then turned around and faced the two men, hoping to buy them enough time to get into the car so that they would be safe!

This car had a complete security system. It was impossible for the mercenaries to get Little Treasure this easily if the driver had not betrayed them

As Ning Xi was thinking about that, she glanced back at Guan Ziyao and her pupils shrunk. Guan Ziyao just stood there in panic. Even after receiving Little Treasure and Ning Xi's instructions, she just stood there without doing anything and missed the best timing to escape.
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