Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687: Mother Wont Let You Be Alone
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In just a few seconds, one of the men broke through her defenses and snatched Little Treasure away from Guan Ziyao.

At the same time, there was a loud noise nearby and small storms whipped around them. A helicopter slowly landed and three more masked mercenaries in the same uniform alighted from it with weapons in their hands.

Ning Xi felt a chill in her bones and her heart sank.

It was over

Yan Ruyi could not stand it anymore. She was shivering as Little Treasure was being rescued and taken away again. She had sweat all over her. Leaning onto Lu Chongshan for support, she mumbled to herself, "Little Treasure... Save Little Treasure"

Lu Chongshan threw away the walkie-talkie which he received no response from. He spoke to the people in a stern voice, "Who are you people? Let that child go and tell me whatever you want!"

The person, who seemed to be the leader of the group, had a face mask with the letter "K" on it. He looked at his subordinates who had almost failed coldly and did not even spare Lu Chongshan a glance. He just left with a bitter glare as he raised his hand and all his men boarded the helicopter.

The propeller created a loud noise as the helicopter slowly rose into the air.

Yan Ruyi went forward with unsteady steps as she saw Little Treasure taken into the helicopter. "Little Treasure"

"Aunty Lu, be careful!" Guan Ziyao helped Yan Ruyi to stand up as she seemed like she would fall at any moment.

Lu Chongshan's face turned pale when he saw Little Treasure taken away from him. He clutched his chest, feeling like everything was spinning around him and he almost blacked out.

At this moment, Lu Chongshan heard Ning Xi mumble to herself, "Don't worry, my baby... Mommy won't let you be alone"

The next moment, he saw the girl leap up towards the helicopter like an arrow released from a bow. At the exact moment before the door closed, Ning Xi forced herself into the helicopter.

The helicopter shook unsteadily but after several rotations in the air, it disappeared out of vision gradually

Yan Ruyi sat down on the ground, looking extremely pale. Guan Ziyao quickly stood by her side while Lu Chongshan was still staring into the empty sky.

"Master! Madam! Are you guys alright?" There was a loud yell. Xing Wu walked over, limping clumsily while he covered his bleeding arm.

"What's wrong with you people?! Where's everyone?! There were so many people just now! Where are all of them?! Do you know Little Treasure's been kidnapped?!" Yan Ruyi found an outlet to release her anger and she shrieked in despair.

Wait, no. It was not a kidnapping. The mercenaries had snatched him away right in front of them!

"W-what? Little Master's been kidnapped?!" Xing Wu did not expect the situation to be much worse than he thought. His face went ghastly and he knelt down. "It's all my fault! All of us were suddenly ambushed at the same time. They seem to know all our security plans and the routes we take"

"Shut up! I don't want to listen to your excuses!" Lu Chongshan interrupted him.

Ever since Little Treasure had been kidnapped once, the Lu family had upgraded their security system thoroughly, but now Little Treasure had been taken away right before their eyes. They had no one by their side. At the last moment, only that woman had stepped up
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