Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689: He's Your Grandson!
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Cheng Feng studied the trend of the share prices as he continued to explain to Lu Chongshan, "Boss unexpectedly organized a task force six months ago. All of them were top-notch traders from Wall Street, and now Boss is personally leading this group of dealers. If nothing goes wrong, we just need one night. Tomorrow morning, Yi Lan's share prices will fall to its lowest and everyone will dump the shares in large quantities..."

Cheng Feng was still admiringly going on about how Lu Tingxiao had laid out the networks and buried traps as well as how he had planned ahead, while Lu Chongshan stared at the shares on the iPad. He was stumped for words.

Seven days... Tingxiao had promised him seven days...

Now, it was the sixth night.

That child... He had really done it...

No wonder! No wonder Little Treasure was suddenly kidnapped!

It seems that they were driven to act in desperation!

"Uhh, President... What's wrong? And Madam..." Cheng Feng finally noticed that they seemed like a bundle of frazzled nerves.

"Today, Uncle Lu, Aunty Lu and I went to the temple to pray with Little Treasure. We suddenly met a group of kidnappers midway and they've kidnapped Little Treasure!" Guan Ziyao explained. At the same time, there was a hidden shine in her eyes. She knew that the man she fancied was not that weak!

No wonder Little Treasure was kidnapped. It was most probably the work of the illegitimate child. Those people were not good people and they would do anything if they were desperate.

In fact, this time it was not only Little Treasure. That woman had joined them by herself too.

Everything that she had been worried about would unexpectedly be all resolved tonight.

"What did you say? Little Treasure... Little Treasure is kidnapped?! How could this be?" Cheng Feng was so frightened that his expression instantly changed.

"What's so impossible about that? Little Treasure was kidnapped right before our eyes! Don't delay it any further. Quickly inform Tingxiao!" Yan Ruyi urged.

"Well..." Cheng Feng was about to respond when he suddenly thought of something and he hesitated.

Before Cheng Feng could say anything, Lu Chongshan already stopped him. "Wait! We can't tell Tingxiao now!"

"What did you say?" Yan Ruyi looked at her husband in disbelief. "Why can't we tell Tingxiao? It's already a critical stage!"

Lu Chongshan spoke solemnly, "Yi Lan's side has definitely begun to fight back already. Tonight's share market trade is exceptionally important. Tingxiao cannot be affected by anything. As long as there's an error, all his previous efforts will go down the drain! Why do you think the other party suddenly racked their brains to kidnap Little Treasure? It's to disturb Tingxiao!"

Yan Ruyi felt her lips tremble as she stared lifelessly at this man before her as if she could not recognize him at all. "Lu Chongshan... Do you know what you're saying? Little Treasure was kidnapped! He's your grandson! You keep saying that it's for the Lu family and for the benefit of all. You've sacrificed so much and been wronged... Finally, you're even sacrificing Little Treasure's life too? Do you even still have a heart?!"

Lu Chongshan frowned. "Ruyi, that's not what I meant. When did I say that I want to sacrifice Little Treasure's life? I've already informed everyone to investigate that group of people's tracks. In fact, those people will definitely come to us to make demands. When that happens, we'll..."

"Enough! Lu Chongshan! You don't need to go on with your bombastic talk! I know that the Lu family is even more important than Little Treasure's life to you!" Yan Ruyi lost control and roared.
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