Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690: Compromise
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On the side, Guan Ziyao advised, "Aunty Lu, calm down a little. Uncle Lu makes sense too. If we tell Tingxiao now, then we would've fallen into their trap. What if, later on, they get their way and don't let Little Treasure go?"

"You shut up too!" At this moment Yan Ruyi's heart was entirely flooded with the thought of Little Treasure meeting danger and she chided Guan Ziyao insensitively.

Guan Ziyao had never been shouted at. Yan Ruyi appeared fierce even though she may be cowardly at heart. Guan Ziyao turned pale as she looked hurt and kept quiet.

"Lu Chongshan, you won't say it, will you? Okay! Then, I'll go look for Tingxiao myself!" Yan Ruyi pushed the people beside her away, quickly walking towards the dedicated elevator.

She had just reached the elevator when she wavered. She had passed out on the ground without a warning.

She had gone through too much today. The fact that she could hold on till now was her ultimate grasp to save Little Treasure. At that moment, she finally could not bear it anymore.


"Aunty Lu!"


The three of them quickly rushed over to help her up.

"President, this..." Cheng Feng panicked.

"Quickly call the doctor!" Lu Chongshan ordered worriedly.

"Then... that thing about the Little Master... Do we tell Boss?" Cheng Feng asked.

Lu Chongshan's hands nervously trembled as he shut his eyes. Some time passed before he finally said, "Don't tell Tingxiao first... but once midnight has passed, and if Little Treasure hasn't been rescued yet..."

Lu Chongshan heaved a long sigh before he continued, "No matter how the condition of the Lu Corporation is like, you must immediately inform Tingxiao!"

Cheng Feng nodded. "Okay, I've got it."

Lu Chongshan looked at Yan Ruyi who had lost consciousness. His ears rang with her every complaint and his heart ached dully.

He had watched Little Treasure grow up. Even now, he still remembered the first time he saw the little guy's excitement, remembered the soft touch when he hugged him. Then, he had watched him grow up day by day as he became smarter and smarter, cuter and cuter, and now he was obedient, sensible, and filial...

That was his grandson, his life! How could he not be worried? How could his heart not ache?! He would have much rather have himself be kidnapped!

However, this affected the entire Lu family's life and death. Everything had started with him too, so he could not just disregard all of this.

To wait until midnight was already the only compromise he could think of.


Not too long before that, in the Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group building.

In the dimly lit office, the computer screen shone on the man's gloomy face and his white hair.

He was looking at pictures. All of them were images of Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao getting along in a heartwarming manner on the daily with the little bun together. He was browsing through pictures of this family of three. They were all captured on film, yet it was incredibly real. He could feel the love in the girl's eyes even if it was just through photographs.

His inbox page was open. The sender was not anonymous. Instead, the identity was displayed without any cover-up: Lu Jingli!

Without a doubt, this fit Lu Jingli's personality very much.

His brother had been provoked by those pictures every day, so naturally, he would give him a taste of his own medicine! Who was afraid of who?!

"Boss no! Something's wrong!" At this moment a person had suddenly rushed in through the door.

"What did you call me?" The man's gaze was indistinct as he looked up.

"C-CEO! CEO! Something's wrong! There's a problem with our bill with Jia Xing. Now, we need to pay them $3 billion in U.S. dollars..."

"Just pay up."

"But... we have no more money!"
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